House of Cards - 413 – Chapter 52

We wrap up our coverage of House of Cards season four today with a deep dive on the stunning finale, “Chapter 52”. All out war has been declared, as it feels like 7 shoes have dropped on the Underwoods, and we’re waiting for the other 3. We discuss foreign policy, the touching love story of lizard man and liver woman, Presidential gaming, and FBI goon squads. Then we discuss our overall thoughts on season four, look ahead to season five, and cover the final thoughts from our listeners. Thanks for coming along with us, we had a great time, enjoyed all of the discussion, and greatly appreciate your support.

House of Cards - 410, 411, 412 – Chapters 49-51

We’re nearing the home stretch. Just one episode left to cover after this, and then the season re-cap. But there is plenty of machinations left to unravel. Frank uses national security, the death of a mother-in-law, and the inexperience and ambition of his political rival for his own gain, aided and abetted by his right hand woman, Claire. Can frank defeat both political parties, a skilled and savvy reporter with a lot of axe to grind, as well as the terrorist organization ICO in just one more hour of television? We’ll find ou

House of Cards - 407, 408, 409 – Chapters 46-48

It’s all out political war as Frank and Claire fight on all fronts, Islamic terror organizations, search engine snooping, the vice presidential nomination, Republican opposition, gun control, Supreme Court nominations, domestic surveillance… it’s like the Underwoods want to touch every third rail in politics simultaneously. What’s next, taking on Social Security? Are they insane? We’ll check back in with you next week on Tuesday to see how they manage to escape from the various predicaments they find themselves, then we’ll wrap things up with the finale and wrap up podcast Friday!

House of Cards - 404, 405, 406 – Chapters 43-45

Jim and A.Ron are impressed with the strongest stretch of House of Cards in any a season. With events both shocking and eminently watchable, we praise the opportunism of Claire as she waylays the entire government apparatus as a sort of audition for her role in higher power. Will her daring gambit pay off, or will the Underwoods, and the United States of America, pay too high a price? Join us as we discuss and debate organ donation, the various schemes and power grabs, and analyze the potential treacheries and betrayals ahead.

House of Cards - 401, 402, 403: Chapters 40-42

Jim and A.Ron return to the seedy amoral world of “House of Cards”, taking in the first three episodes and finding it more nuanced and complex as it returns to the purer forms of politics from the first two seasons. Frank is trying to prove that he doesn’t need Claire to win, and failing miserably. Claire schemes on a plan that seems on the face of it insane, but what is she actually getting at? And how will Lucas’ sudden return to relevancy impact Frank? Which of the seemingly endless stream of weapons of mass destruction being hurled at the highest levels of government will be the first to go off and destroy everyone? Is there any good to root for at this point? We’ll be back with coverage of the next six episodes over the course of next week. See you then!

House of Cards - 313 – “Chapter Thirty Nine”

Jim and A.Ron have seen the finale of House of Cards, episode 313, “Chapter Thirty Nine”, and are left wanting; like showing up to Freddy’s for a full rack of ribs and getting served a McRib, with not even a consolation slice of cornbread or side of fried okra to be seen… Is this it? No knuckle-rapping, no thermonuclear war with Russia? Hell, Doug got more vengeance on consumer grade electronics in two episodes that Frank got vengeance on his enemies all season long. We talk about the two major bombshells we got McRibbed with, as well as tons and tons of your feedback. Let’s hope for some cornbread next season, shall we?

House of Cards - 312 – “Chapter Thirty Eight”

Jim and A.Ron have been waiting for a breathless thrill ride these last few hours, but in episode 312, “Chapter 38”, what we’re getting is MacBeth. And maybe that’s okay?… Either way, Doug is back in a big way, Claire is shaken to her core, Dunbar dons the black hat, Thomas finds he has a story that must be told, and is Seth really going to be the professional? All this is considered and much more. What will the season finale hold? Tune in Friday and find out!