Better Cast Saul - 408 – Coushatta

We found ourselves in the minority of fans after watching AMC’s Better Call Saul’s latest episode, “Coushatta”. While not a bad episode per se, Jim and I were both let down by the actual scheme to befuddle the DA for Huell’s case, and taken off guard by the sudden shift in what we perceived as Kim’s character. On the other hand, caching up with Nacho was a rewarding experience, and we’re truly excited by the possibilities Lalo entering the picture presents. We discuss all this and more plus tons of great listener feedback with smart dissents in the landmark case of Bald Move vs. Kim Wexler. 

Bald Move Pulp - Banshee – 408 – Requiem

A.Ron and Cecily bid a fond farewell to Banshee as it, despite all fears to the contrary, manages to pull out of its near fatal tailspin long enough to land a fairly emotionally satisfying, and undeniably badass, series finale. We talk about the many fights, goodbyes, plus the tears and blood shed in this packed episode “Requiem”, and we give our fellow #fanshees their final say as well. But mostly, I think we’ll all remember one simple truth: A.Ron was right.

House of Cards - 407, 408, 409 – Chapters 46-48

It’s all out political war as Frank and Claire fight on all fronts, Islamic terror organizations, search engine snooping, the vice presidential nomination, Republican opposition, gun control, Supreme Court nominations, domestic surveillance… it’s like the Underwoods want to touch every third rail in politics simultaneously. What’s next, taking on Social Security? Are they insane? We’ll check back in with you next week on Tuesday to see how they manage to escape from the various predicaments they find themselves, then we’ll wrap things up with the finale and wrap up podcast Friday!

American Horror Story Podcast - 408 – Blood Bath

A.Ron and Cecily are kind of lukewarm on this episode 408 of American Horror Show: Freak Show entitled “Blood Bath”. Strong performances by Kathy Bates and Jessica Lange can’t quite elevate the surrounding cast and material, and we were super bummed at Maggie raining on the whole revenge against Papa Candy Striper parade. On a positive note, the Dandy reclaims a lot of his creepy swag. All this, plus lots more opinions, and some fellow fan feedback. Enjoy!