Beltalowda - A podcast for The Expanse - 311 – Fallen World

Another spectacular episode of The Expanse this week in “Fallen World”. The episode is remarkably well paced, makes zero g environments feel truly alien and threatening, and offers solid character developments, particularly in the relationship between Ashford and Drummer. Anna even gets a moment to be awesome. Anna! Can’t wait for next week’s episode, we’ll see you then!

Breaking Good - 311 – Abiquiu

Jim and A.Ron are on to episode 311, “Abiquiu”, an episode of post-modern impressionist vaginas, gangster Food Network show pilots, and unexpected connections to Combos of long ago. Enjoy the flashbacks and fond memories while you can, and then buckle up, because the final two episodes of this season define the levels of crazy that Breaking Bad can get up to!

Orange is the New Cast - 311 – “We Can Be Heroes”

Cecily joins me once again to recap episode 311 of “Orange is the New Black”, entitled “We Can Be Heroes”. This episode is all about the origin story of Beercan, and how nice guys can finish last, and how doing the right thing should be it’s own reward. Boo gives Pennsatucky some tough love, and Piper continues her climb to the top of the prison industrial panty complex.