2-Bit Encryption - A Mr. Robot Podcast - S04E01 – 401 Unauthorized

Hello, friend.  In the opening episode of season four of Mr. Robot, Jim and A.Ron have a lot to consider.  White Rose is always watching, and reminds everyone in her own way.  Angela is resolute in her decision to take White Rose down, Elliot and Mr. Robot try to get ahead of W.R., and Darlene is desperate to find Angela.  Jim also caught some easter eggs from one of his favorite movies, Jurassic Park.  Finally, we consider feedback from our listeners.

Better Cast Saul - 401 – Smoke

Welcome back to Better Call Saul! We take a look at the latest episode, “Smoke”, where Jimmy spends the majority of the episode wallowing in pathos after discovering his brother has burned himself alive before taking a wrong turn in Albuquerque towards emotionally inappropriate whistling and fish feeding. What gives, Jimmy? Meanwhile Nacho fails to cleanly disengage from his Salamanca sabotage, and Mike gives Madrigal a surprise security audit. All this plus tons of great feedback from our fellow fans!

Bald Move Pulp - Banshee – 401 – Something from the Bible

A.Ron and co-host Cecily take a look at the new season of Cinemax’s action series, “Banshee”, with the season four premiere, “Something from the Bible”. Maybe it’s the location changes that cause so much catching up on, but we found it to run at a bit lower octane than your typical adventures of Hood and company. Or maybe it’s the lack of Job. But this episode is “whelming”; neither over nor under. Still, heads get crushed in vices, Carrie goes Batwoman, Hood rediscovers his razor while learning the limits of busting caps in knees, Bunker is sleeping with the enemy(‘s wife), all the while the town and county of Banshee is rocked by a shocking death as we introduce a grisly sequence of serial killings. So yeah, pretty pedestrian stuff, no?

House of Cards - 401, 402, 403: Chapters 40-42

Jim and A.Ron return to the seedy amoral world of “House of Cards”, taking in the first three episodes and finding it more nuanced and complex as it returns to the purer forms of politics from the first two seasons. Frank is trying to prove that he doesn’t need Claire to win, and failing miserably. Claire schemes on a plan that seems on the face of it insane, but what is she actually getting at? And how will Lucas’ sudden return to relevancy impact Frank? Which of the seemingly endless stream of weapons of mass destruction being hurled at the highest levels of government will be the first to go off and destroy everyone? Is there any good to root for at this point? We’ll be back with coverage of the next six episodes over the course of next week. See you then!

American Horror Story Podcast - 401 – Monsters Among Us

American Horror Story season four debuted this week on FX with “Monsters Among Us”, an excellent introduction to a fantastic world of the weird and wacky. We discuss erotic Tupperware(tm) parties, the ethics and morality of the Freaks, David Bowie anachronisms, and struggle with Kathy Bates’ accent. All that and your typically stellar fan feedback. Can’t wait for next week!

401 – Survival Guide – “30 Days Without an Accident”

Hello fellow smart, saavy, survivors.  A.Ron here.  Due to the success of our recent Kickstarter project, we’ve brought back our old Survival Guide series.  We didn’t quite make the goal, but we had some left over from our previous-Kickstarter campaign, and what the hell.  Survival is important right?  So without further ado, let’s consider the…