Better Cast Saul - 406 – Piñata

We discuss the latest episode of AMC’s Better Call Saul, “Piñata”. Gus gets really creepy, Kim gently closes the door on the law offices of Wexler and McGill, Mike shows the Germans some American hospitality after making peace with his daughter in law, and Jimmy puts the fear of Saul into some local punks. We discuss all this plus a ton of great feedback!

Bald Move Pulp - Banshee – 406 – Only One Way a Dogfight Ends

In episode 406 of Cinemax’s Banshee, “Only One Way a Dogfight Ends”, Satan worshipers get pyrotechnic, the Neo-nazis flex on the Amish gangster, Veronica gets locked up in a human torture/sacrifice chamber, and… A.Ron and Cecily wonder when we’re going to start caring. While individual parts of the show are still good, specifically the action and Job, we worry the heart of the show that elevated it above your typical brainless action-adventure show has simply been ripped out by a fakey Lucifer with four lame “horns”. We make the best of it and then consider some community feedback, but ultimately we’re crossing our fingers that Banshee pulls out all the stops and makes this last season worth in in the final two episodes.

House of Cards - 404, 405, 406 – Chapters 43-45

Jim and A.Ron are impressed with the strongest stretch of House of Cards in any a season. With events both shocking and eminently watchable, we praise the opportunism of Claire as she waylays the entire government apparatus as a sort of audition for her role in higher power. Will her daring gambit pay off, or will the Underwoods, and the United States of America, pay too high a price? Join us as we discuss and debate organ donation, the various schemes and power grabs, and analyze the potential treacheries and betrayals ahead.

American Horror Story Podcast - 406 – Bullseye

Cecily and A.Ron found this episode a fairly uncomfortable watch. Poor Paul, poor Ma Petite, poor all the freaks under the increasingly merciless rule of Ms. Mars, poor us the audience trying to get through another bloated 75 minute episode. But we, like them, must endure. Join us in a rollicking discussion about candy stripers, villainous “Wheel” monologues, desert hearts filled with dust and scorpions, and much more. All this, your feedback, and a bit of spoiler talk at the very end.

Breaking Good - 406 – Cornered

We discuss ineffectual truck defense systems, Walt unexpectedly switching up the Big Lie for the Big Truth, Eyebrows landing jabs, but in the end being humiliated by a Coke machine, Jesse with the shakes, Walt Jr. being bought off, Walt being a self centered dick and subcontracting out the dirty work, a four cornered coinflip, and TUCKER!! Then Jesse shovels well, Mike polishes the Pinkman, Gus get’s a message, and Skyler protects the family from the man that protects the family that is protected by… wait. Did this just become an Allstate Commercial?