House of Cards - 306 – “Chapter Thirty Two”

In this episode of House of Cards, episode 306, “Chapter Thirty Two”, international pressures mount as domestic issues simmer. We discuss how the Kremlin > The White House, how gay rights in Russia can inform our knowledge of the Underwood’s marriage, shocking developments involving Claire’s scarf, and Gavin setting the hook on his social engineering hack. All this, and a ton of feedback, coming your way!

House of Cards - 305 – “Chapter Thirty One”

A.Ron and Jim are shocked at the post-Spitgate recovery House of Cards episode 305, “Chapter Thirty One” makes. Full of interesting and intense scenes, and topped off by an absolutely dominant First Ladies Room sequence, there was a lot to chew on. Mickey Doyle is in House of Cards now, minus the creepy laugh. And one other surprise guest shows up before the episode is over, opening up mouthwatering possibilities. And just a TON of feedback. Hope you have as much fun listening as we did watching and recording…

House of Cards - 304 – “Chapter Thirty”

In this episode 306 of House of Cards, “Chapter 30”, Jim and A.Ron are struggling with a seemingly and suddenly petty, spiteful, and surprisingly weak Underwood White House. We discuss burying soldiers, senior moments on the Supreme Court with Justice Jimmy Carter, surprise candidacies, pulling journalist credentials, and Gavin’s latest social hacking, plus a very controversial presidential spit take. All this and your feedback as the binge rolls on.

House of Cards - 301 – “Chapter Twenty Seven”

A.Ron and Jim begin their watch of Netflix’s House of Cards season 3, with episode 301 entitled “Chapter Twenty Seven”. In this episode Frank waters his father’s tomb, Doug claws his way back from the grave, Claire demands her turn at the reins of power, and we’re introduced to the hot new trend from DC, syringe shots! All this and some earlybird feedback, coming at you.