Foundation - Series Preview

We’re about a week out from the premiere of the Apple TV+ epic sci-fi series, Foundation, which means it’s time to talk about the trailers we’ve seen, our history with the source material, expectations for the series adaptation, and the format of our weekly coverage, among other things. Join us for the preview today and come back for our coverage of the first three episodes this Monday.

Season 8 Preview!

We’re so close we can feel the dragon fire! HBO dropped a brand new trailer for the long anticipated final season of Game of Thrones yesterday, and we’re here to discuss it, in tedious detail. Spoiler warning for anyone sitting the promotional material, because we’ll be analyzing this thing frame by frame! We’ll also be discussing our plans for coverage of season 8; which we hope will be the most current and comprehensive around. Does Jon become a dragon rider? What could possibly terrify Arya? Who is the mysterious leader of the Golden Company? Why does the Mountain look like a cross between a Kong-brand dog toy and a butt plug? All these questions and more are covered!