House of Cards - 413 – Chapter 52

We wrap up our coverage of House of Cards season four today with a deep dive on the stunning finale, “Chapter 52”. All out war has been declared, as it feels like 7 shoes have dropped on the Underwoods, and we’re waiting for the other 3. We discuss foreign policy, the touching love story of lizard man and liver woman, Presidential gaming, and FBI goon squads. Then we discuss our overall thoughts on season four, look ahead to season five, and cover the final thoughts from our listeners. Thanks for coming along with us, we had a great time, enjoyed all of the discussion, and greatly appreciate your support.

American Horror Story Podcast - 413 – Curtain Call

Well, it’s the season finale of American Horror Story: Freak Show, episode 413, “Curtain Call”, and it’s a hot mess. What started off with so much Twisted promise devolved into a Dandy just never quite got there and too little, too late Chester. In this podcast, we talk our overall thoughts on the season, on the happy Freaks ending, and make predictions for next year. All this, plus a Ima Wiggles sized portion of feedback, and much more.

Breaking Good - 413 – Listener Feedback

We promised a listener feedback episode this week and we delivered! We tried to give some attention to everyone’s thoughts but even after cutting some emails for time and ONLY covering your thoughts we STILL barely brought the episode in under an hour thirty! Seriously, the feedback is overwhelming but we love it. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this episode and those whose feedback we just didn’t have the time to read on air. We appreciate all of it!

Breaking Good - 413 – Face Off

Breaking Bad season four is in the books! Last night’s episode “Face Off” capped off a remarkable story arc that has lasted over two seasons, and where it goes from here, is anyone’s guess.

In this episode, Jim and A.Ron recap the episode, analyze how the various plots and machinations resolved, talk about lose ends, and speculate a bit about what comes next for our favorite show. We had so much thoughts by ourselves that we couldn’t get hardly any feedback in. So, Wednesday we’re recording round 2, that features nothing but thoughts from you guys.