Better Cast Saul - 403 – Something Beautiful

We continue to be pleased at the pace Better Call Saul is maintaining in the early stretches of season 4. Checkov’s letter? Bam! Here it is. Waiting to see how long it will take for the other shoe to drop on Nacho’s flip by Gus? Blam! Blam! You got it. There’s also some suggestion of how Jimmy eventually becomes an important underworld connector in the Breaking Bad timeline, if you know how to connect the dots. Plus, we get a pair of nifty back-alley surgery/thievery sequences. All this and tons of feedback, coming your way!

Bald Move Pulp - Banshee – 403 – Job

We feel like “Banshee” is well and truly back this week with some nicely executed action set pieces including a pulse pounding foot chase as well as a double/triple cross snipe-fest, they payoff of which was good enough that we’ll both forgive a little Fat Au Ex Machina. Episode 403, “Job, featured bombshell reunions, revelations, and some hot former-neo-nazi sex, and we get around to discussing it all.

House of Cards - 401, 402, 403: Chapters 40-42

Jim and A.Ron return to the seedy amoral world of “House of Cards”, taking in the first three episodes and finding it more nuanced and complex as it returns to the purer forms of politics from the first two seasons. Frank is trying to prove that he doesn’t need Claire to win, and failing miserably. Claire schemes on a plan that seems on the face of it insane, but what is she actually getting at? And how will Lucas’ sudden return to relevancy impact Frank? Which of the seemingly endless stream of weapons of mass destruction being hurled at the highest levels of government will be the first to go off and destroy everyone? Is there any good to root for at this point? We’ll be back with coverage of the next six episodes over the course of next week. See you then!

Breaking Good - 403 – Open House

During the recap, we discuss the fine art of fronting, ladder wielding pig riders, non-attached casinos, eyebrow submissions, Saul’s professional bathroom apocalypse, rice pudding gut rot, playing paranoia limbo, and the meaning of “Open House”. After a brief musical interlude, we check out next week’s preview, and dish some spoilers and speculation.