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Instant Talk Aftershow
The Instant Talk podcast is our aftershow, with our own quick thoughts about the episode followed by an interactive chat discussion with our fans, live on YouTube. The first half is released as the Instant Take podcast. The audio from the interactive section is released as a premium podcast just for our club members.
Ad-Free Podcasts
No more pimpin', just pure, unadulterated content. Play ad-free from the website or use our podcast subscription tool to subscribe in your favorite podast app.
Lunch with Jim & A.Ron
A live, general-interest show each Friday where Jim & A.Ron talk about everything that isn't TV. Club members get to ask questions via the forums and #baldlunch on Twitter.
Quit Yer Pitchin’ is a podcast where Jim and A.Ron, using tools built for the purpose, randomly generate TV show titles and then take turns pitching to each other ideas for what this fake should would be about and who would star in it. Pitches range from patently ridiculous to poignant.
Take a peek behind the curtains on how to run/mismanage a podcasting start up! Jim and A.Ron talk and debate openly about the financials and very future of Bald Move.
A simple concept, when we record our podcasts, we turn on the mics so that people can watch us make the magic live. See all the outtakes, screw ups, technical difficulties, live as they happen, and hey! It’s the fastest way to get the podcasts. Most podcast record approximately 1PM EST the day they are released. Note: Most podcasts are live recorded, some cannot be due to technical or scheduling limitations.
One day we had a thought, what would movies be like if they had all the dialog removed from them? “Silent Movies” was born. We edit all the dialog out of movies, then see if they make sense with only the visual context. Hilarity often ensues.
Take part in the conversations that shape the future of Bald Move. Get previews of new content. Vote on crowd sourced podcast commissions. And more!
We have a vast library of show notes, scripts, skit ideas, prototype logos and videos, and you get it all. We essentially give you access to a read only copy of Bald Move's Google Docs account.
Our most-of-the-way legal club feature that lets you watch TV episodes and movies with us in real time or synch up the episode after it airs.
Membership also allows you to buy exclusive merch from our store with designs that no one but club members will have. Let people know you're more than just a podcast listener - you're a supporter.

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