Better Cast Saul - 404 – Talk

Okay, okay, perhaps we shouldn’t have used the dreaded “b”-word when describing this episode of AMC’s Better Call Saul, “Talk”. But we’re just saying, sometimes the show’s “stately” pace dips into the realm of the “staid”, and it’s times likes this two fan boys can hope for some Cousins’ fueled mayhem. Still, the episode had its stand out moments; Mike’s intense reaction to Stacey trying to move on from the death of his son; and Kim’s soul searching by way of low stakes courtroom drama. But we’re already looking ahead to the job Gus has for Mike. We discuss all this plus tons of feedback… see you next week!

Bald Move Pulp - Banshee – 404 – Innocent Might Be a Bit of a Stretch

In this week’s episode of Cinemax’s Banshee, “Innocent Might Be a Bit of a Stretch”, we receive clues as to the serial killer’s identity and agenda, Special Agent Dushku intrigues both Proctor and Hood alike, Job keeps his shiz together long enough for Carrie to be a total badass, while Bad Bowtie Burton commits his most heinous act to date. All this and feedback too coming your way!

House of Cards - 404, 405, 406 – Chapters 43-45

Jim and A.Ron are impressed with the strongest stretch of House of Cards in any a season. With events both shocking and eminently watchable, we praise the opportunism of Claire as she waylays the entire government apparatus as a sort of audition for her role in higher power. Will her daring gambit pay off, or will the Underwoods, and the United States of America, pay too high a price? Join us as we discuss and debate organ donation, the various schemes and power grabs, and analyze the potential treacheries and betrayals ahead.

American Horror Story Podcast - 404 – Edward Mordrake Part Two

Happy Halloween, everybody! A.Ron and Cecily are surprisingly moved by the twisted tale of a simple, misunderstood clown. In an episode packed full of unexpected feels, we get the backstories for Paul the Illustrated Seal, Legless Suzy, Ms. Mars, our favorite mush mouth, and witness the Dandy taking the leap to star villain. All this plus gobs of your feedback.

Breaking Good - 404 – Bullet Points

During the recap, we discuss Mike’s cold open, what a doozy of an episode this turned out to be, the fine art of card counting, what Hank may or may not know, how cool it would be to have Gale as a friend, how The French Connection influences Breaking Bad, if Saul has his eye on the Endgame Option, and what Jesse’s role will be in Gus’s organization moving forward.