Better Cast Saul - 405 – Quite a Ride

Jim and A.Ron tackle a very good and very Kim and Jimmy episode of AMC’s Better Call Saul, “Quite a Ride”. A taste of BrBa-era Saul! The origins of the Superlab!  The return of grifting at the ol’ Dog House and the Wash Tub! Lots of nostalgia and lots of great character development and a very fun montage anchor this episode and make it a stand out. Plus, we talk therapy, Kim theories, thoughts on Gus’ background and much more in our feedback section!

Bald Move Pulp - Banshee – 405 – A Little Late to Grow a Pair

Cecily and A.Ron discuss episode 405 of Cinemax’s “Banshee”, entitled, “A Little Late to Grow a Pair”. While there is no denying the inherent silliness of the Satanist main plot, everything else in the episode is gold. Job transforming back into JOB!, Burton taking a chainsaw to Banshee’s beleagured Amish community, Hood having fun Batmaning Brock a time or two, and some good times are had at the sleepy little country communities one and only BDSM/Satanist hangout. Sure, why not!

House of Cards - 404, 405, 406 – Chapters 43-45

Jim and A.Ron are impressed with the strongest stretch of House of Cards in any a season. With events both shocking and eminently watchable, we praise the opportunism of Claire as she waylays the entire government apparatus as a sort of audition for her role in higher power. Will her daring gambit pay off, or will the Underwoods, and the United States of America, pay too high a price? Join us as we discuss and debate organ donation, the various schemes and power grabs, and analyze the potential treacheries and betrayals ahead.

American Horror Story Podcast - 405 – Pink Cupcakes

A.Ron’s in Albuquerque, Cecily’s in Cincinnati, but through the magic of the internet, the Freakshow goes on! Join us in a rollicking discussion of dicks, clits, buff Dandy’s, Mother/Daughter revenge schemes, confusing fake out flashbacks, and much more. Plus your great feedback, AND a spoiler section delving into recent Ryan Murphy interviews and speculation about next season

Breaking Good - 405 – Shotgun

Moving on to the recap, we discuss Aztec badassery, Walt’s good vibrations, Jesse making good use of keys, Hank getting out, right before he gets pulled back in, the Incurable Cough of Death rearing it’s ugly, tuberculous head, knocking boots at the Casablanca, Tuvok’s mastery of the forklift, the least subtle assassination attempt of all time, and Walt’s overweening arrogance.