LWJ&A – Episode 427 – Wash Your Hands

Lunchtime! Jim and A.Ron ponder the question, “To travel, or not to travel?” If you’re grieving a pet, you’re not alone. When you’re ready for your next pet, A.Ron has some advice for getting frogs. Is there a Producer Reaction Cam in Bald Move’s future? Sure! That is if you want a dead-eyed Talitha for 80% of the time!

Bald Move Pulp - Badass Fest VI: Speed (1994) 

There’s something worse on the Los Angeles freeways than the LA drivers. Officer Jack Traven, played by all-around-good-guy Keanu Reeves, must save a busload of people from a bomb on board. Joining him is Sandra Bullock and the two will swerve their way through the dangers of maniacal men, explosives, and traffic. It’s a good time and makes you thankful for cruise control.