LWJ&A – Episode 292 – Jonathan Franks is the Devil

Lunchtime! We can’t ignore the big losses over at Giant Bomb so we talk about that for a good half hour before getting around to A.Ron putting his first toe back out into the world after being vaccinated, which eventually turns into a conversation about freedom and safety laws. Sound interesting? Join us for the podcast to hear all of that plus a bunch of listener questions.

Rain Man (1988)

Tom Cruise has a problem. His imported car flipping business is failing and he just found out that he has a secret brother who is an autistic savant. But those aren’t his problems. His problem is that he’s an asshole. But there’s a cure for that and it’s a movie called Rain Man. Join us for a discussion of this critically acclaimed classic film to hear what we think of it 30 years later.


LWJ&A – Episode 291 – Foundational Issues

Lunchtime! This week, A.Ron talks about the crazy morning that almost made him late for lunch and then asks the audience for help with the foundation of his house. Then I give an update on the Enterprise D model build-up that I’ve started working on and, of course, we cap it all off with listener questions.

The Verdict (1982)

The Verdict is a movie about a medical malpractice lawsuit that marks a milestone in Paul Newman’s career. Join us for a discussion of this deceptively good film that turns the charismatic leading man into a sad, old, washed up lawyer trying, and perhaps succeeding, to rekindle his life.