Death of a Salesman (1985)

The American Dream has always been just that, a dream. Death of a Salesman (1985) is based off of the 1949 Arthur Miller play of the same name. This adaptation features powerful performances from Dustin Hoffman and a young John Malkovich. It’s thoroughly depressing, but magnificent to watch. Have something funny in your queue for viewing after.

Bald Move Pulp - Hotel Artemis (2018)

The Artemis was built on rules. Tonight they’re getting broken. Jim and A.Ron dive into the overlooked 2018 action/sci-fi thriller at the recommendation of their producer Talitha. The three of them will discuss the highs and lows of this hidden gem. Between the star-studded cast, amazing design, and tight script, there’s a whole underworld to uncover behind the doors of The Artemis.


LWJ&A – Episode 410 – Chipotle Beard Oil

Lunchtime! Jim is not getting a puppy. A.Ron is not corrupting the children. Now that we got that out of the way, let’s get to the episode. How much of Jim and A.Ron is a safe dosage? The guys share their unpopular sci-fi opinions, and oh boy, these are controversial. Watch your back, don’t get “big mac-ed”.