Mulholland Drive (2001) 20th Anniversary re-release

Oh boy… What can I say about this week’s big anniversary that won’t piss off the general public who apparently respects and admires the works of David Lynch? Well, I can say that we’re re-releasing our podcast on Mulholland Drive for its 20th anniversary. I can also say that the opinions expressed in the podcast are now 5 years old and I’ve seen exactly 1 David Lynch movie that I’ve enjoyed in that time. 

But hey, A.Ron’s here too, and he loved it. From the weird dumpster monsters to the strange musical interludes, he’s down to clown on any wavelength Lynch chooses to broadcast. At least half the podcast will be from that perspective.

So enjoy this now-20-year-old movie and what we had to say about it 5 years ago.

Foundation - S1E05 – Upon Awakening

The Empire might be absent from this episode but that didn’t keep us from appreciating what Foundation is doing in S01E05 “Upon Awakening”. Join us for the podcast to hear us discuss interests ranging from galactic calendar systems to the process of being deprogrammed after life-long indoctrination in a cult.


LWJ&A – Episode 311 – Airtight

Lunchtime! This week Jim talks about playing Hitman 3 but, more importantly, about his upcoming doctor-recommended procedures that will hopefully have him “airtight”, then A.Ron gives a rundown of all the various boardgames played at BYPAX this year. Then we get to the listener questions and cap it all off with some serious talk about heavy issues. Enjoy!

Bald Move Pulp - No Time To Die (2021)

The final chapter of Daniel Craig’s story as James Bond has finally been written and we’re honestly pretty relieved. We’ve mostly enjoyed the journey, and find this movie to be one of the more enjoyable parts of it, but the darker tone of the Craig Bond movies has taken its toll and we’re ready for a fresh new look at James Bond. Join us for our discussion of No Time To Die.

Training Day (2001)

It’s the 20th anniversary of Training Day and while we had no fewer than 3 big anniversaries this week, we managed to get to them all in due time. This is the only role that Denzel Washington has won an academy award in a leading role for, which seems crazy, I know! But it’s pretty well-deserved as he and Ethan Hawke carry this movie. Without either of these performances, the movie wouldn’t work. Join us for the podcast to hear our thoughts on this early 2000s dirty cop drama.