Shogun – S01E09 – Crimson Sky

It’s a slick episode of Shogun. Mariko, played by Anna Sawai, has been a stand out character since the pilot. In this episode she unleashes her full power and charges full steam ahead into battle. Yabushige is just as psychotic and humorous as before. Would he make a last minute “conversion” to save his own skin? It might be the laugh Jim and A.Ron need after this episode.

Why is Mr. Feeny a Car? - S03E03 – Saved by the Bell (1989) – S02E09 – “Jessie’s Song”

Coke? Don’t make me laugh? Meth? Kid’s stuff. Alcohol? Mother’s milk. The real threat to teenagers way back in the 1900’s was the demon caffeine. It even brought down squeeky clean, driven, intelligent young women with bright future prospects. Take Jessie here. One bad Geometry exam and she’s hitting that bottle harder than Frank Thomas. Gather your loved ones to watch this episode, it just might save your life!


LWJ&A – Episode 418 – Total Eclipse of the Basketball Goal

Lunchtime! Let’s hope you have something better to eat than Cincinnati chili. Put on your solar glasses, A.Ron has Eclipse Talk for you. It really brings out Jim’s robot side. Find out Jim and A.Ron’s top movies over the course of their lives. When Jim and A.Ron fight, it becomes premium content. And hear YOUR burning questions on this episode of Lunch with Jim and A.Ron!