Bald Move Prestige - The VVitch (2015)

VVe are rounding out our Robert Eggers coverage vvith this commissioned episode covering The VVitch. Is this puritanical family suffering from shared hallucination, or real curse? Under the evil imagery, is Eggers telling us a dark fairytale or allegory for a repressive environment? Maybe it’s both and either vvay, this movie is burned into our minds. This movie excels at vvorking its vvay into your subconscious and making you feel absolutely uncomfortable. Thank you Joey for commissioning this podcast!


LWJ&A – Episode 338 – SCREWS. SCREWS.

Lunchtime! Happy Friday the 13th! On this Freaky Friday, Jim and A.Ron discuss what they would do if they woke up in each other’s body. Jim is going to eat tide pods, what a friend. Find out the best place to sit when watching a 3D animated movie from. According to Jim, the best place to get brunch waffles is Gabby’s Cafe in Cincinnati. And someone finally asks the question I’ve been wondering for a month, what kind of android is Jim? Turns out he’s ::ERROR::DATA NOT FOUND::, so I’m terrified.

Better Cast Saul - S06E05 – Black and Blue

Another setup episode has us tapping our foot like a prostitute-loving lawyer on cocaine wondering when we’ll get to the good stuff. And it’s not that the episode isn’t good, it’s just that anticipation of Howard’s downfall is killing us. But while the Kim and Jimmy plot taketh away, the Lalo plot finally arrives to giveth, with a forehead-slappingly obvious continuation that somehow managed to be a complete surprise. Join us for the podcast to hear our full thoughts.

The Podcast Maneuver - S02E10 – Farewell – Feedback

The magnetic containment unit experienced core meltdown, and the feedback is smoking. With the madness of this season it’s no surprise your feedback covers the gamut from bad borg face effects to the nonsensical character arc closures. What do we want in season three? A full cast reunion sharing a scene together. We don’t want Patrick Stewart to catch covid, but when else are we going to have the chance to see this?
Hailing frequencies are going dark. We’re not planning Picard Season 3 episode coverage. But if you want to hear us talk about it, consider supporting us to gain access to our premium Off the Clock episodes.

We Own This City - S01E03 – Part Three

This show makes us mad, in a good way. We’re getting a wider scope of the issues ingrained in the BPD and the bad police policy implemented decades ago that just kept getting worse over the years. Follow us on our episode breakdown by topic as we dissect the multiple characters, nuances, and layers of this show. One of our deep dives focuses on Hersl and the perverse incentives in this system. 


LWJ&A – Episode 337 – $35 For a Ton of Crushed Gravel

Lunchtime! Property Brothers? What about Property Podcasters? A.Ron and Jim talk about the next steps in home renovation and their beef with HOAs. Speaking of HOAs, A.Ron and Jim are creating board games, and my favorite is sneaking around the HOA. It’s the closest I’ll get to owning a house. Would you attend Jurassic Park all expenses paid with a 10% chance of death? Surprisingly, not a tough question for these guys to answer. Tune in for officially unofficial life advice and more on this week’s lunch!