Better Cast Saul - 409 – Wiedersehen

Jim and A.Ron are excited to see a return of tension and intrigue with the latest episode of AMC’s Better Call Saul. The traditional Jimmy scam gets a Kim-style twist that was very well executed. Don Hector receiving his bell was perhaps unnecessary, but it was really fun to watch. The drama with Werner and the explosives and his ensuing escape attempt fueled the episode with much needed suspense. Finally, Jimmy and Kim’s roof-top blow-up was as volcanic as it was tragic, uncomfortable, and real. It will be interesting to see what places they take Jimmy’s and Kim’s legal careers as well as the warming war between the Fring organization and the Salamancas with Nacho caught in the middle in what is sure to be a barn burning season finale. See you then!

House of Cards - 407, 408, 409 – Chapters 46-48

It’s all out political war as Frank and Claire fight on all fronts, Islamic terror organizations, search engine snooping, the vice presidential nomination, Republican opposition, gun control, Supreme Court nominations, domestic surveillance… it’s like the Underwoods want to touch every third rail in politics simultaneously. What’s next, taking on Social Security? Are they insane? We’ll check back in with you next week on Tuesday to see how they manage to escape from the various predicaments they find themselves, then we’ll wrap things up with the finale and wrap up podcast Friday!

American Horror Story Podcast - 409 – Tupperware Party Massacre

We got a lot of things we weren’t expecting out of American Horror Story in this episode 410, “Tupperware Party Massacre”. Things like audible fapping, the human wreckage of Drunk Jimmy, and a complete lack of song and dance. But we got a lot of good stuff too, primarily in Sarah Paulson’s riveting performance as both Bett and Dott as they come to terms with their shared lives and loves. But it still feels like something is missing. You feeling us on this? Let us know in the feedback section!