Better Cast Saul - 407 – Something Stupid

Despite a warp speed, nearly ten month jump ahead in time, AMC’s Better Call Saul proceeds in a deliberate pace, offering just over 40 minutes of content, with just under 9 minutes of montage filling the screen time. One ball that’s left to bounce for the entire period is Nacho, the only major principle character we don’t get caught up on. Gus has healed Hector to the exact level he needs to maximize his revenge plot. Mike is struggling with an over budget superlab with a crew of bored and increasingly sloppy Germans, and Kim and Jimmy’s relationship is on life support. And that’s before Jimmy comes to Kim with a big ask to save our favorite not-so-big-man, Huell. If the pace has been slow, the tension has been fairly high, the next three weeks will hopefully have enough fireworks to carry us to season five!

Bald Move Pulp - Banshee – 407 – Truths Other Than The Ones You Tell Yourself

Cecily and A.Ron are not happy with Banshee right now, and episode 407, “Truths Other Than The Ones You Tell Yourself” is a showcase for why.  Proctor now is involved in federal corruption that almost literally goes all the way to the top.  Hood can be snuck up on by a disgraced plastic surgeon with a wrench. Law enforcement, including the FBI, can’t track one of their agent’s cell phones.  Cruz gets murdered in the first seconds of the episode and NOT by Carrie. Everyone is acting their asses off and the show still looks great, but it has totally lost it’s mind.  Check back with us next week when we finally get the epic Proctor versus The Rest show down we’ve been wanting.  Please?

House of Cards - 407, 408, 409 – Chapters 46-48

It’s all out political war as Frank and Claire fight on all fronts, Islamic terror organizations, search engine snooping, the vice presidential nomination, Republican opposition, gun control, Supreme Court nominations, domestic surveillance… it’s like the Underwoods want to touch every third rail in politics simultaneously. What’s next, taking on Social Security? Are they insane? We’ll check back in with you next week on Tuesday to see how they manage to escape from the various predicaments they find themselves, then we’ll wrap things up with the finale and wrap up podcast Friday!

American Horror Story Podcast - 407 – Test of Strength

This week A.Ron and Cecily are a bit underwhelmed by this episode, though it did have its moments. We discuss Jimmy’s singing career, Eve’s awesomeness, the limits of Paul’s acceptance of the Candy Striper, AKA ‘Lil Meryl, Richard Edgington’s crappy plotting, and of course, how Del is a complete and total a-hole. All this, your feedback, and a smidgen of spoilers at the very end.

Breaking Good - 407 – Problem Dog

In the recap, we discuss Raging, tipping pet peeves, love letters to the American muscle car, Christ imagery, Eyebrows of Doom, adult conversations, who gets to wear the bacon gauntlet this week, the importance of a snack spread during high level criminal meetings, loyalty, Aaron Paul’s iron lock on next year’s Emmy awards, and the value of clean living, vitamins, and Googlefu.