LWJ&A – Episode 375 – Happy Bald Move Birthday!

Lunchtime! Today is Bald Move’s 13th birthday! That means Jim and A.Ron are surly teenagers now. March 24th is also a special day in cinema, listen to find out why. Your favorite hosts watched the new John Wick this week and have the rankings that they promised. We have awkward stories, future plans, and the producer gets railroaded in this laugh out loud episode of lunch.

The Last of Us - S01 – Wrapup

The feedbag is throbbing with feedback for the season 1 wrapup. Is humanity worth saving? And would sacrificing Ellie be worth it? Does the show tell us the truth and give us all the facts? Was it the bite or the knife that made Ellie immune? And the big question we need answered from the showrunners…when are we getting season 2??
Need more TLOU in your life? Check out the TLOU Part 1 playthrough from Bald Move at 9PM EST on YouTube!


Ted Lasso, Extrapolations, Lucky Hank, Poker Face

Beware! There are some spoilers for Extrapolations in this episode. Join Jim and A.Ron as they chat about some new and old TV finds. Ted Lasso is in its third season, does this team full of weirdos still tickle our funny bone? Extrapolations is just okay, listen for a full explanation. Bob Odenkirk is a fan favorite actor, will Lucky Hank give him the star vehicle he deserves? And Poker Face is the surprise darling A.Ron was hoping for. Thanks for being a Bald Move supporter!


LWJ&A – Episode 374 – Lunch Munchers Unite!

Lunchtime! Top o’ the lunch to ya! It’s St. Paddy’s Day, so whether you celebrate with drinks, by wearing green, or reliving childhood trauma, we’re here to hang out with you. A.Ron shares his tips on archery success. There’s a further discussion on the progress of AI and a ranking of the Star Trek ships. There’s a solar eclipse next year, anyone interested in a Bald Move meet up in the path of totality??

The Last of Us - S01E09 – Look for the Light – Feedback

Was Joel wrong? Were the Fireflies right? Here at the end of the season, we take a look back at the major steps that brought us to the explosive conclusion. Join Jim and A.Ron as they hear from medical professionals, ponder Jim’s take on the mycologist, and talk about Marlene’s experience.
Want to see A.Ron’s ten-palm-monkey-looting technique? Check out Sunday 9PM EST.