Why is Mr. Feeny a Car? - S03E08 – Small Wonder (1985) – S02E01 – “Smoker’s Delight (Chewed Out)”

We saved the best very special episode for last! Wait a minute, check that… this is actually the worst. Take a syndicated show about a goofy loser who invents a perfect robot replica of a little girl, and then have them take a strong stand on tobacco with some extremely interesting takes on adolescent privacy and smoking cessation for youth, to put it mildly. Hey, it’s Small Wonder, but at least it’s short. Next week, on to KNIGHT RIDER!

Fargo - S05E08 – Blanket

Jim is still down with covid so my buddy Ron Dawson (author of “Dungeons ‘n’ Durags” and host of podcast of the same name) joins me to break this episode down. Does Dorthy feel repressed guilt about the fate of Linda? Will Gator find redemption? Is Lorraine a villain? And what the hell does “Blanket” mean, anyway?! All this plus feedback including a fascinating email on David Graeber’s “Debt: The First 5,000 Years“.

For All Mankind - S04E08 – Legacy

Danny Ocean would be proud. Ed heads the illicit mission of stealing that Iridium asteroid. Where he excels in rogue activities, he fails at being a grandpa. Dani is being pushed to her limits, and with the greed surrounding her, can she remain the guiding light in the show? With only a little bit of runway left in the season, will Jim and A.Ron get all they’re hoping for?

Foundation - S02E08 – The Last Empress

We want answers! Congratulations to the writers of Foundation for writing an effective villain, we hate Tellem. Between missing memories and sabotaged tech, Jim and A.Ron have some questions. Who is secretly working against Empire? Is Demerzel a double agent? How could psychohistory account for every little detail?

The Bear – S02E07-10

The last course is served on this season of The Bear. This character study was an exquisite sweet and salty combo that encapsulated the nuances of being a flawed human being. Between the laughs and heartbreak, there’s a smorgasbord of colorful characters you don’t want to miss.