Forrest Gump (1994)

Forrest Gump is an artifact of a more innocent age; a time before Tom Hanks learned to make fire. Before Robin Wright made binge-watching a lifestyle. Before Hollywood acknowledged that Pulp Fiction had changed the way audiences engaged with movies. Join us for the podcast to take a trip back in time and find out if this Academy darling still holds up.


Ted Lasso S2, Foundation, Schmigadoon, The Pacific, Zola, Shadow and Bone – Off the Clock

This week we talk about the first 2 episodes of Ted Lasso’s latest season, the first Foundation novel and a bit about our hopes / expectations for the Apple TV+ series, Schmigadoon!, The Pacific, Zola, and Shadow and Bone. Plus, we answer questions from our Patreon “Executive Producers” about our plans for future coverage and whether we think great long-form stories on TV are killing shorter-form stories in movies.

Watching Dead - 1020 – Splinter

It’s a journey into the mind of Princess this episode with her, Zeke, Eugene and Yumiko are captured being thrown into cells and having to decide whether to try to escape or take the abuse in the name of establishing friendly relations with the stormtroopers. It’s not the most exciting episode of The Walking Dead but it’s a bonus episode… was anyone expecting it would be?


LWJ&A – Episode 303 – Uber Cheats

Lunchtime! A.Ron is back from vacation and ready to talk about the recent Beaver Island renovation, Jim talks about his new ramen spot which leads to a conversation about the ripoffs that are food delivery services, then we answer questions from the audience in this extended edition of LWJ&A.

The Green Knight (2021)

You’ve seen the trailer for The Green Knight, right? It looks really cool, like a flashier, trippier version of Excalibur. I mean, look at that poster! That’s awesome! Well, if that’s what you’re expecting of the movie you’re going to be disappointed. It’s definitely more of an art film than an action movie. Check out the podcast to hear our non-spoiler review and trailer talk and then, if you’re a club member or patron, stick around for the full spoiler review.

The Grey (2011)

This is in the running for the worst podcast Bald Move has ever released. One of us was feeling what this movie was doing. The other, not so much. We also struggled to figure out exactly what this movie’s thesis was. Regardless, we talk for about an hour about Liam Neeson’s wolf-based Taken follow-up.