Shogun (1980) – Part 4

Now that Jim and A.Ron have seen both the 2024 and 1980 iterations of Shogun, find out how they stack up. Did NBC make a show of the same caliber and passion as Rachel Condo and Justin Marks? Will Jim and A.Ron dare to pick up the 1152 paged tome by James Clavell?


LWJ&A – Episode 423 – Popcorn Jabba

Lunchtime! What tales does Jim have from California? Jim and A.Ron sample wonderful chocolate from Chocolate Mike. Find out how to not get mugged in Cincinnati. What are the most out-there fan theories you’ve ever heard? Tuck into this double helping of lunch!

House of the Dragon - Jim & A.Ron on HOTD – S01E06 – Book vs. Show!

Jim and A.Ron cover a whopping six pages today of Fire and Blood by George RR Martin! Within the pages is a child absent from House of the Dragon. The relationship between the half-brothers/nephews/uncles (ew) is explored. Daemon and Leana Valyrian’s marriage takes on different elements. For this episode Jim and A.Ron cover pages 372 – 378 of the hardcover edition of Fire and Blood corresponding to the episode The Princess and The Queen. Keep it leal!

Bald Move Pulp - Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984) – 40th Anniversary

From Steven Spielberg comes a decidedly darker iteration of Indiana Jones. Jim and A.Ron have the behind the scenes stories about stunts, on-set injuries, and casting. Join in on the discussion as your hosts ponder the burning question, What makes a movie feel like an ‘Indiana Jones’ movie? Hold on to your costume, that elephant looks hungry.

Why is Mr. Feeny a Car? - S03E08 – Small Wonder (1985) – S02E01 – “Smoker’s Delight (Chewed Out)”

We saved the best very special episode for last! Wait a minute, check that… this is actually the worst. Take a syndicated show about a goofy loser who invents a perfect robot replica of a little girl, and then have them take a strong stand on tobacco with some extremely interesting takes on adolescent privacy and smoking cessation for youth, to put it mildly. Hey, it’s Small Wonder, but at least it’s short. Next week, on to KNIGHT RIDER!

Dark Matter - S01E04 – The Corridor

Find out what’s in the box in this episode of Dark Matter on AppleTV+. Jim and A.Ron keep tabs on what PJ and NPJ are up to so you can just enjoy the endless possibilities. What happens if doors are opened simultaneously? What is the result of the observer effect? What would you do if you saw your own death? Schrodinger’s cat wants a nap.

House of the Dragon - Jim & A.Ron on HOTD – S01E05 – Book vs. Show!

In this portion of the adaptation, it’s a question of timing and details, like trying to remember all of the events of a dream after waking. The book’s differences feature Cristin Cole’s motivations, Daemon’s relationship with his first wife, and Rhaenyra’s feelings towards Alicent. For this episode, Jim and A.Ron are covering pages 370 – 372 of the hardcover version of Fire and Blood corresponding to the episode We Light The Way.

Shogun (1980) – Part 3

Shogun 1980 pulls an interesting detail from the book, both Mariko and Blackthorne communicate in Latin. Though the 2024 adaptation was superior, one thing it will NEVER have is John Rhys-Davies pitching a fit! The differences in Mariko’s portrayal in 1980 by Yoko Shimada and the 2024 version by Anna Sawai are evident. Get the dish on the good and the goofy in Shogun 1980. 


LWT&A – Episode 422 – Rule 4: ????

Lunchtime! Jim is on vacation so A.Ron is joined by producer Talitha. Talitha has been working on a movie set and has a film fest coming up. Come ask her questions before she’s famous. What fictional characters would A.Ron and Talitha invite to the Met Gala? Does art have to be good? What was Apple thinking with that commercial?