Rare Exports (2010)

The first movie in our slate of Very Scary Christmas movies is Rare Exports. It’s an unusual mix of mystery, horror, and the commercialization of Christmas that hails from Finland. Join us for this “festive” podcast to get in the spirit of the season!


LWJ&A – Episode 318 – Extreme Fire Truck

Christmastime! We’re kicking off our Christmas celebrations this week with my big announcement that I’m moving AGAIN! Then we talk about the trials and tribulations of our first experience playing the board game “Root” together, our strategy on buying and selling used cars, and this year’s Christmas project (because we’re just not busy enough this holiday season), A Very Belter Christmas, as well as a whole slew of other things, courtesy of questions from our incredible fans. Come get extra “festive” with us this Christmas!

The French Connection (1971)

The French Connection, starring Gene Hackman as a narcotics officer playing a hunch to stop an international drug buy, is a classic for its kinetic chase scenes, not necessarily for its well-realized characters or compelling plot. Join us for the podcast to find out how it holds up over 50 years after its release.