LWJ&A – Episode 427 – Wash Your Hands

Lunchtime! Jim and A.Ron ponder the question, “To travel, or not to travel?” If you’re grieving a pet, you’re not alone. When you’re ready for your next pet, A.Ron has some advice for getting frogs. Is there a Producer Reaction Cam in Bald Move’s future? Sure! That is if you want a dead-eyed Talitha for 80% of the time!

Bald Move Pulp - Badass Fest VI: Speed (1994) 

There’s something worse on the Los Angeles freeways than the LA drivers. Officer Jack Traven, played by all-around-good-guy Keanu Reeves, must save a busload of people from a bomb on board. Joining him is Sandra Bullock and the two will swerve their way through the dangers of maniacal men, explosives, and traffic. It’s a good time and makes you thankful for cruise control.

Bald Move Pulp - Arcane – S01E01-3 – Welcome to the Playground, Some Mysteries Are Better Left Unsolved, The Base Violence Necessary for Change

Jim and A.Ron travel to the underground city of Zaun where the colors glow, steampunk is everywhere, and the animation is terrific. This story stems from the lore of the online game League of Legends, but you don’t have to be a player to enjoy the show. This hyper-stylized series is for anyone who likes vivid animation and explosive adventures.