Fargo - S05E04 – Insolubilia

It was the Home Alone episode that Jim and A.Ron have been waiting for. Did it meet expectations? Munch is leaving cryptic messages. John Hamm hasn’t raised his voice once, but is he in control of the situation? Listen in for the full discussion and tidbits of wisdom.

Ahsoka - S01E04 – Part Four: Fallen Jedi

At the midpoint of the season, Ahsoka has finally hooked Jim and A.Ron. Sabine can’t be trusted and we all seem to know it except for Ahsoka. Is an orange lightsaber for the chaotic neutral characters? And green dust doesn’t mean someone is dead. We’re gonna need more proof than that. And there’s a spicy feedback section to top it all off.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds - S02E04 – Among the Lotus Eaters

The crew of the Enterprise needs to clean up a botched mission that violated the Prime Directive. A strange illness passes over them and they rapidly begin to forget who they are. Armed with only base instinct and curiosity, can the crew regain their memory without losing their humanity? And A.Ron would like to point out that Star Trek often has good (and bad) dating advice for young nerds.