Justified: City Primeval - S01E01-2 – City Primeval, Oklahoma Wildman 

Raylan is back with his daughter Willa in tow. In two sweeping episodes, J:CP effortlessly builds a rich setting in Detroit. We meet a cast of characters who are all more than what meets the eye. There’s a mysterious tunnel system. And various Chekov’s nouns are introduced for what we hope are going to be big payoffs. Will Raylan’s cowboy approach be enough to take on the criminals in the streets of Detroit?

Justified: City Primeval - Series Preview

Why should you be interested in Justified: City Primeval? Jim and A.Ron are here to tell you! You do not need to have watched Justified in order to enjoy this new show. All you need to know is that Timothy Olyphant will be there. Joining him are his real-life daughter, playing his on-screen daughter, and Boyd Holbrook, psychopath extraordinaire. Get the deets on the podcast release schedule and more in this preview!

The Bear – S02E04-6

It’s a chaotic family reunion to rival all chaotic family reunions. Between the enablers, pacifiers, and people who just can’t be normal, you might have flashbacks to that one traumatic Thanksgiving years ago. And when it becomes too much to bear (ha), the show will give you a break. Put your phone down for this watch, you’ll get so much more.