Foundation - S1E10 – The Leap

Well, we took a leap of faith covering the first season of a show which was trying to tell a story that everyone said couldn’t be told in the visual medium. Now that the final episode has been released, how did it work out? Join us for the podcast covering the season one finale of Foundation for our long-form thoughts.

Foundation - S01E09 – The First Crisis

Mixed opinions on this one. I liked S01E09 “The First Crisis” a whole lot more than A.Ron. For me, the acting really sold me on this episode, both Terrence Mann and Cassian Bilton. And of course we can’t wait until dad gets home to see what kind of consequences Dawn will have to face.  Join us for the podcast for our full thoughts heading into the final episode.

Foundation - S1E07 – Mysteries and Martyrs

This episode split its time between the three going plot concerns, which we appreciated. The political maneuverings on The Maiden continue to excite us. What’s happening with Brother Dawn on Trantor is raising a lot of interesting questions about cloning while answering others. Things are also getting good on the Terminus side now that we know more about Invictus. Join us for discussion of Foundation S01E07 “Mysteries and Martyrs” on the podcast.