Cinema Spooktacular 2017!

A.Ron and Cecily begin a tradition of discussing the scary movies they’ve been watching throughout the Halloween season!  No spoilers to scare any body off, we just talk about just how and what type of scary they are. This year’s crop of fresh indie horrors is courtesy Kimberly Dadds Buzzfeed article on 31 scary movies to watch during the month of October.   The list is below, and I’ve linked to Jim and A.Ron’s in depth review of Pontypool.  

101 – Chapter 1

Jason from Podcastica and Jim and A.Ron from Bald Move merge our psyches together to form one semi-coherent podcast on FX’s new schizophrenic superhero, Legion. Headed up by Fargo master Noah Hawley, and starring
Dan Stevens (Downton Abbey), Rachel Keller (Fargo), and Aubrey Plaza (Parks and Rec), the show certainly has a fine pedigree. We found it visually striking, with excellent and appealing actors, and admired the way the show throws us head first into an electrified pool of reality-bending mystery and intrigue. We discuss the many strengths and few potential weaknesses of the show, before considering fellow fan feedback and have a brief spoilery look into the future of the show.

The Young Pope – Episodes 5 & 6

When we began this podcast, we expected to have a lot of fun laughing at the crazy outfits and Jude Law strutting around chewing scenery left and right. And we were right about that, that is pretty funny and a delight to look at. But these last few episodes have revealed a show with much more substance than we were initially led to believe with the premise. What sort of revolution is the Young Pope wanting to lead? Can the Pope continue to cow heretics and Prime Ministers alike with threats of no win situations and divine retribution? Is Jude Law’s butt proof of the existence of God?

The Young Pope – Episode 3

Jim, A.Ron and Cecily talk about the perplexing third episode of HBO’s The Young Pope. Does anyone around here believe in God? Does anyone not? Is God real? How heavy is his weight? Is the kangaroo God? Your guess is as good as ours, and thankfully the show is gorgeous and intriguing enough to keep us watching even when we have no idea what’s going on.

Bald Move Pulp - 10,000,000 Podcasts Downloaded Milestone Q&A!

You guys had a lot of great questions for our 10 Million Podcast Q&A Extravaganza, and we’ve got the answers for you. We talk about life, podcasting, whether we’d work for Chris Hardwick, our dream HBO series projects, our co-hosts most annoying traits, and lots more over a wide-ranging, ass-numbing 2.5 hour podcast. We also have video of the whole deal, which you can enjoy below.

Bald Move Pulp - Jim and A.Ron Q&A – July 2014

To celebrate our 5 millionth life time download, you had a lot of questions, and we have a lot of answers.  2 hours worth, as it turns out. Join us as we talk about our personal history, our favorite movies and television, and give advice on the ins and outs of podcasting.  Want to talk about it?  Send it in to!