Star Trek: Strange New Worlds - S02E08 – Under the Cloak of War

It is a right of passage for each sci-fi series to do a “war” episode. Ortegas is not happy about the ship’s new guest, the guest being the Klingon war criminal Rah. Known as the “Butcher”, Rah’s presence on the Enterprise triggers PTSD in Dr. M’Benga. Get to know more of M’Benga’s backstory in this excellently written episode of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds - S02E07 – Those Old Scientists 

It’s the Star Trek: Lower Decks crossover that we needed! After a selfie activates a portal, Boimler and Mariner find themselves on the Enterprise. There’s been a lot of time travel in ST: SNW, so everyone should know the rules, right? Well, the USS Cerritos crew members are having trouble keeping “future-stuff” to themselves. Put a little madcap in your Star Trek with this episode!

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds - S02E06 – Lost in Translation

Uhura encounters a mysterious message. She is soon haunted by zombies and nightmares. Kirk and Spock finally meet. And turns out you can sift through someone’s personal logs whenever you want…so long as they’re dead. With the looming threat of space madness, the crew may be dealing with a menace they don’t understand. Listen to the episode, you space hippie!

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds - S02E04 – Among the Lotus Eaters

The crew of the Enterprise needs to clean up a botched mission that violated the Prime Directive. A strange illness passes over them and they rapidly begin to forget who they are. Armed with only base instinct and curiosity, can the crew regain their memory without losing their humanity? And A.Ron would like to point out that Star Trek often has good (and bad) dating advice for young nerds.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds - S02E03 – Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow

Some crew members wander NYC, wait, that’s not right. The crew wanders Toronto! La’an is given some essential character beats. This version of Kirk has never been to Earth before, but still has all the classic Kirk quirks. As they charm and bluff their way through the Canadian metropolis, Jim and A.Ron wonder, could OnlyFans solve the financial needs of a stranded crew?

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds - S02E02 – Ad Astra Per Aspera 

Do you remember “The Measure of a Man” episode from Star Trek: Next Generation? Strange New Worlds is holding their own courtroom melodrama. Pike looks for a lawyer as Commander Una Chin-Riley is put on trial. What is natural? What is unnatural? Are those concepts inherently good or bad? Is that a bald Vulcan?? Discuss these serious and silly questions with Jim and A.Ron on this episode of Baldly Go.