Game of Thrones 2: Electric Bookaloo - Season 5 Wrap

A.Ron compares Ned and Jaime to the Last Duel. Jan Doolittle Wilson talks about power and systems of power in Westeros. Curtis Runstedler explains alchemy. Steve anticipates Dany’s return to Dothraki culture. Theme song: Game of Thrones (80’s TV Theme) by Highway Superstar Search for Steve and Anthony’s new rewatch podcast: Perfect Stranger Things. Join the discussion:  |…

Risky Business (1983)

Everyone has seen the video of a young Tom Cruise gyrating his way through his parents’ living room in his tighty-whiteys but did you know there’s a whole movie that happens after that? That movie is “Risky Business”, the topic of this week’s Prestige podcast.

The Expanse - Season 6 Wrapup

Join us for one last episode of the Beltalowda podcast to celebrate the end of the perhaps the best sci-fi show to date. It’s a super-sized, feedback-packed episode where we quibble a little over the necessity of certain events and wonder what could have been but come out the other side appreciating what we did get.

The Expanse - S06E06 – Babylon’s Ashes

The series finale delivers on nearly all fronts with some great action, some precious final moments between the characters we’ve come to love, and a promising conclusion for Inyalowda / Beltalowda relations. Join us for the podcast to hear our full thoughts on perhaps the best sci-fi series ever made. (We go into that)