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  • A semi-weekly romp through the Bald Move studio where the guys talk TV, business, life, and take your questions and comments via the Google Hangout Q&A app. Click here for a sample.
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  • Can’t bear to wait the amount of time it takes us to record, edit, and release a podcast on our site? This lets you sit in the studio and watch us as we record each cast. It’s the fastest, most direct way to get our Instant Takes and regular Podcasts, the only down side is… you have to look at our mugs. Maybe you can drape your monitor with a towel, or duct tape over it?
  • Our LiveWatch technology allows you to literally watch a show with us. We transmit enough video information so that you can sync your television with our commentary, and listen to every laugh, gasp, hiss and boo. We make commercials fun! We broadcast live from the East coast, but you can watch us anytime! Note: You will need your own source for the actual show, there is no audio and the video is edited so it is only useful for maintaining synchronization. Click here for a sample.
  • One-off projects of interest to Bald Move hosts and fans. Maybe we watch a stupid movie and make fun of it. Maybe we build a computer and record the whole process. Maybe we do a video version of a podcast skit. The point is, we get a wild hair, we make a video or special podcast, and you get that thing.
  • An exclusive VIP forum where you can talk with the hosts and other VIP fans of the show. Take part in conversations that shape the future of Bald Move. Get unique previews of new content types. Vote on crowd sourced podcast commissions. And more!
  • We have a vast library of show notes, scripts, skit ideas, prototype logos and videos, and you get it all. We essentially give you access to a read only copy of Bald Move’s Google Docs.
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