What is our primary objective To provide a review and feedback for Live Another Day

Boardwalk Empire

Welcome to the Speakeasy the officially unofficial podcast for HBO's Boardwalk Empire television series

Breaking Good

Breaking Good is the official unofficial podcast for AMC s Breaking Bad

Falling Skies

Jim talks about TNT's apocalyptic alien drama Falling Skies


A Podcast from Jim and A Ron of Bald Move covering reviews theories and feedback for Fargo on FX Well ok then

Following The Leftovers

The Officially Unofficial podcast for HBO's The Leftovers

Game of Thrones

The Gods of Tits and Wine Jim and A Ron review each week's episode of HBO's Game of Thrones and your feedback

Gotham Blotter

The officially unofficial podcast for Gotham on Fox News episode recaps analysis predictions your feedback and more - all about the Gotham television series ...

House of Cards

An analysis and comedy show covering House of Cards on Netflix Let us be your Freddy


Jim and A Ron talk about the excellent but under-appreciated Justified on FX

Mad Men Happy Hour

Grab a glass a fifth and your favorite grimy little pimp for weekly discussion of Mad Men

Orange is the New Cast

A Ron and an all-star cast of podcasting women recap the show and discuss your feedback

True Blood Authority

Join A Ron and Cecily for a light and irreverent take on our favorite southern fried vampire series HBO's True Blood

Up Yours, Downstairs!

Just like Downton Abbey but with more feelings and swears Bask in the glory of Dame Maggie Smith as hilarious Anglophiles Kelly Anneken amp ...