American Horror Story Podcast – 606 – “Chapter 6”

A.Ron and Cecily got plenty of chills and thrills in what can only be called the best episode of the season for FX’s American Horror Story. And sure, that might be considered damning the show with faint praise, but that Pigman and Nurse killing action was LEGIT frightening. The pivot from pointless homage to genuine horror had us hungry for more. What’s going on with Agnus? Who will be this season’s lone survivor? Will Sarah Paulson out scream Evan Peters? Stay tuned to find out!


Watching Westworld – 103 – The Stray

Jim and A.Ron try to round up Westworld’s latest episode, “The Stray”, but corralling the big ideas this show brings to the table is proving to be quite a challenge. We appreciate the focus on the “human” element of Westworld, getting much more backstory for Bernard and Dr. Ford. But how straight a shooter is Dr. Ford? How much of his tale is fact, and how much of it carefully curated legend, intended to deceive both Bernard and the audience? Wheels within wheels!


American Horror Story Podcast – 605 – “Chapter 5”

A.Ron and Cecily are thoroughly entertained by the latest installment of FX’s American Horror Story: Roanoke, “Chapter 5”. Full of gore, creepy thrills, and Evan Peter’s screaming, it’s a nice way to close the door on this hit and miss homage phase of the season, and hopefully move forward with a crazy season proper. We’ll see if we get filet mignon or chicken liver.

Halt and Catch Fire - 309 & 310 - Nix & NeXT

Halt and Catch Fire – 309 & 310 – Nix & NeXT

Halt and Catch Fire season 3 has come to an end, and by God, it deserves a ton of credit for being awesome. The character growth, the intrinsic love story, the shoutout to Al Gore- it all adds up to a satisfying ride with some of our favorite characters on television. The best news? A final season has been announced for this show, which means that we get to have real closure with these characters sometime next year. Tell your friends, more people need to be watching this show!

Bald Move

Bald Move TV – 20 Million Downloads Q&A Extravaganza!

We recently hit a major milestone in Bald Move history. October 12 marked Jim’s 10 year podcast anniversary, and over the summer we passed the 20 Million total podcast downloads mark. Both are worthy of celebration. As is tradition, we celebrate by letting our loyal listeners pepper us with questions both insightful and insane, and we do our best to answer them.


Watching Westworld – 102 – “Chestnut”

Jim and A.Ron have a lot to say about the second episode of HBO’s new hit series, Westworld, entitled “Chestnut”. We talk a lot about the developing characters and mysteries of the show, trying to figure out what Bernard and Dr. Ford are up to, while trying to understand the motives and mind of Dolores. Along the way, we find out surprising things about each other, like our true feelings about dusty old prospectors found lying in the street. It’s quiet beautiful, really. And hey, we got lots of feedback, theories, and analysis by our dashing and witty listeners!