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The Palm Court – Long Live The New Propeller

Kelly and Tom kick off their first podcast spinoff with this recap of Mr. Selfridge S3E1! Despite a severe lack of our Dark Mistress Beatrice and no sign of Lady Mae or BLENKINSOPP, the episode delivers on all the old favorites–plenty of Piven, many mustaches, husbands behaving horribly, Fat Thomas making terrible life choices, the…


Justified – 610 – “Trust”

This podcast for Justified episode 610, “Trust”, asks whether Justified is going to go out with a bang or a whimper? It’s not like we don’t trust the Yost with the most, but with three episodes again, it’s already pandemonium in Harlan, and where do we go from here? We discuss Boone’s fascination with fashion, get a glimpse of where Loretta got the steel in her spine (turns out, it wasn’t all Mags’ tutelage), wonder how Boyd is going to be relevant to the story going forward, and are frustrated with AUSA Vasquez’s claim that Ava is going right back to jail. All this, some healthy feedback, and some interesting suggestions on how to revitalize Kentucky’s horse racing tradition.


House of Cards – 312 – “Chapter Thirty Eight”

Jim and A.Ron have been waiting for a breathless thrill ride these last few hours, but in episode 312, “Chapter 38″, what we’re getting is MacBeth. And maybe that’s okay?… Either way, Doug is back in a big way, Claire is shaken to her core, Dunbar dons the black hat, Thomas finds he has a story that must be told, and is Seth really going to be the professional? All this is considered and much more. What will the season finale hold? Tune in Friday and find out!


Watching Dead – 515 – “Try”

We discuss rationing booze, the complete lack of any sort of follow through or effect on Deanna’s “no guns, no going outside” policy, Glenn’s righteous setting straight of Dickolous, Rick’s “no”, gobs and gobs of feedback, and a robust spoiler section contained by our cold rolled steel wall of outro music. Can’t wait to see if they cap off a rather successful mini-arc with a pulse pumping season finale next week! See you then!