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The Palm Court – Buddy Hackett Is Just Imaginary

Eyeliner rides again (in a new car!) as Kelly & Tom recap Mr. Selfridge S3E7. They reveal the first rule of baby daddy club, offer shares in Pets.Commissary, declare themselves fans of Regan, give some admittedly useless marital advice to Harry & Rose, grant Matthew Crawley a surprise cameo, kick a cokehead out of their…


Mad Men Happy Hour – 711 – “Time and Life”

Hello there! Would you care to discuss the latest Mad Men, episode 711, “Time and Life”? Well, you’ve come to the right place, friend… We discuss Lane Pryce directing the latest Pete Punch, Peggy and Stan’s epic summit on gender relations, how it feels to root for Pete (“not great, Bob!”), the Weiner’s judo move he pulled on us as the audience, and where we’re going entering the back half of the back half of season seven. All this, and tons of superb feedback from what is in our humble opinion the greatest fan community on the internet, and much, much more. See you again next week!


Game of Thrones – 503 – “High Sparrow”

Jim and A.Ron consider the latest episode of HBO’s Game of Thrones, “High Sparrow”… We discuss our thoughts on the titular “High Sparrow”, Janos Slynt getting his comeuppance, some fun easter eggs sprinkled throughout the production, the mysterious goings on at The House of Black and White, Littlefinger’s scheme involving wedding poor Sansa to yet another mortal enemy, and much more. All this and tons of your feedback. Don’t forget, the SpoiLORE cast comes out Friday, so it’s not too late to get those bookish takes and theories in!


Bald Movies – The Deer Hunter

Special thanks and shout out to Nikki P. for commissioning this podcast, on the 1978 Oscar winning film by director Michael Cimino, “The Deer Hunter”. Starring screen legends Meryl Streep, Robert De Niro, and Christopher Walken, it is a tale about men coming of age, loss, heartbreak, and the horrors of war. In other words, this is not light watching. Jim and A.Ron take turns spinning the cylinder and pulling the trigger as we unpack our thoughts and feelings about the experience. Thanks again, Nikki! If you want to get in on the commission podcast action, why not stop by our shop and find out all about it?