Game of Thrones – 507 – “The Gift”

A.Ron and Jim discuss the latest Game of Thrones episode 507, “The Gift”… We discuss Dany playing her personal game of “F@&%, Kill, Marry” with the citizen’s of Meereen, the lack of enforcement on employment policies in minor league fighting pits, Sansa’s latest reversal of fortunes, er, worsening of fortunes, anyway, the Sand Snakes school of seduction, Sam and Gilly’s touching love story for the ages, and lots, lots more. All this and plenty of feedback, coming your way!


Bald Movies – “Shaun of the Dead” – Commissioned Podcast

Special thanks to Joel Harris, who ordered us up a classic, the 2004 Zomedy, “Shaun of the Dead”. Directed by Edgar Wright, and starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, it offers a lot of gore, laughs, and a surprising amount of heart. The guys discuss their history with the film, it’s motifs and homages, and where it stacks up against the other films in “the Cornetto trilogy”. Thanks again, Joel!


Game of Thrones – 506 – “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken” – SpoiLORE Edition

A.Ron here, ready to dish out some more speculation and theories for Game of Thrones! If you are adverse to spoilers, or are not caught up on all of the A Song of Ice and Fire series, you probably want to skip this episode…

Here is your Tinfoil topic archive, in cased you missed any and want to get caught up! Our tinfoil of the week is actually a tinfoil takedown, as A.Ron discusses the many problems he has with Preston Jacobs’s series of videos on the “Tower of Joy”.


Mad Men Happy Hour – 714 – “Person to Person”

Jim and A.Ron think the end of the finale episode of AMC’s Mad Men, entitled “Person to Person”, leaves a lot of room for interpretation, for both cynicism and optimism… What was our take? A little bit of both, to be honest. Listen to hear us talk about how we felt watching Mad Men come to a close, the parts that tugged our heart strings, the parts that had us squealing like school girls, saying our goodbyes to our favorite characters, and paying our ultimate respects to one Matthew Weiner. Thank you for making this excellent show, sir. That might be all for Mad Men, but it is most definitely NOT the last you’ve heard from the Happy Hour. Tune in next week for a series wrap up podcast, and also to hear news for our plans with Mad Men in the months to come. See you then!