Family Meeting

Family Meeting – A Mop With A Dream

Kelly & Tom are back all by their lonesome with their recap of Peaky Blinders S2E4. The show really kicks into high gear with this one, featuring Cillian’s only truly unsettled look of the series, London’s hottest genderqueer nightclub, Esme’s questionable style choices, the Attractive Bitch’s Downton-dwarfing estate, a job listing for a smug jerk,…

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The Because Show – Ep 156 The End of the Tour – Movie and Metaphor

This week Susan and Amy discuss a great movie Amy saw: The End of the Tour. They also talk about something sadder — the end of the tour through life for Amy’s dad, who passed away last week. Your intrepid TBS hosts delve into life and death and what really matters. But we all know…

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LWJ&A – 8/21/2015

Starts approximately at 1pm EST! Come watch us record, live and in the Bald Move studio. It’s the fastest way to get our podcast, and see all the behind the scenes stuff including the occasional flubs and glitches.


Bald Movies – “The Cabin in the Woods” – Commissioned Podcast

Andrew “The Commissioner” Mount has indicated a fifth movie that needs some Bald Move attention, this time the 2012 horror “The Cabin in the Woods”. Written by Joss Whedon and directed by long time collaborated Drew Goddard, and staring the Mighty Thor, it was what I would describe as a pleasant surprise. I was prepared for a stock slasher flick, and what I got was… something more than that. Can’t really say much else, and if you’re a horror fan who somehow missed this, I encourage you to give it a watch before you give this a listen.

Family Meeting

Family Meeting – r/Canes

For their recap of Peaky Blinders S2E3, Kelly & Tom welcome Princess of Bay Area Comedy and self-hating Irishwoman Allison Mick! They talk about every show imaginable that isn’t Peaky Blinders, declare a strong preference for Solomons’ “people management” skills, make fun of Grace’s senior photo, agree with Charlie that honest work sucks, and wish…