LWJ&A – 12/20/2019

Jim and A.Ron open presents and share holiday stories; Christmas meal traditions; thoughts on Kumail’s new muscles; a tangent about sci-fi books; casting a new Marty McFly; things get awkward as the hosts are forced to compliment each other; they watch their language; smoking pot etiquette; did Jim and A.Ron start another cult; and favorite…

Bald Movies – Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker (2019)

Jim and I saw a Star Wars film tonight.  We were displeased. If you loved or liked the film, we’re really happy for you. But this trilogy wasn’t for us, much like it’s father, the prequel trilogy before it. If you hate the film, we totally get that, too. All we ask is that you try to be happy for the people who are happy, and try to be understanding to the people who are feeling a bit numb like us.  We’ll be back in 2020 for some more awesome movies, and probably a few that will suck, as is tradition. See you then!