LWJ&A – Episode 354 – The U.A.P. Conspiracy

Lunchtime! Want to build upon your already intense paranoia? Bring along your favorite conspiracy theory and join in the chat about the football-Bezos, British Rock Culture, and U.A.P. conspiracies. Are you aware of the cost of living in the 1960s? But more importantly, are you aware that Jim EATS the skin off of the kiwi?! And you’re not alone on the daily quest for a healthy sense of self. Join us at the table for this episode of Lunch. 

House of the Dragon - S01E05 – We Light the Way – Feedback

Westeros Punnett squares might not actually be squares? Maybe more like circles because of the incest? What exactly is Daemon up to? We can’t be sure, and the show is doing that on purpose. Tensions run high when spurned lovers reach a breaking point and we get a Red-ish Wedding. Maybe an orange wedding? Explore these questions and more in this episode of feedback.

Nebraska (2013)

Start your road trip in the great plains state of Nebraska and join Bruce Dern, Will Forte, and Bob Odenkirk as they navigate tough family ties. Directed by Alexander Payne comes some of his signature directorial details, humor drier than the plains in the summer heat and characters that are almost larger than life. In this epically-slow burn, you’ll find yourself or your family in this story.

The Lorehounds: The Rings of Power Lorecast - S01E04 – The Great Wave

John was joined by Jim from Bald Move to discuss the Fallen Elves of the First Age and the origins of Dwarves. David made a surprise guest appearance from the Southlands to explain who owns which screen rights to Tolkien’s legendarium. Then, Tolkien scholar Marilyn R. Pukkila and John discussed the first few episodes of the new series. Lastly, Jim and John took on some listener feedback before John hosted the first “Spoilore” feedback segment of the Lorecast.

The Rings of Power - S01E04 – The Great Wave

The dwarves are possibly the best part of this show. Who else wants to see a dwarf scale a rock face? Galadriel gets some sense knocked into her head between those prosthetic ears. But do the writers have the sense to write the nuances that political allegory requires? Follow along Galadriel’s journey as the OG horse girl makes her way through this (still) very beautiful show.