HOTD: A House of the Dragon Podcast - S02E03 – The Burning Mill – Instant Talk

We’re talking about House of the Dragon Season 2. Jump in the chat and submit your questions/commentary. The Instant Talk podcast is our aftershow, with our own quick thoughts about the episode followed by an interactive chat discussion with our fans, live on YouTube.  The first half is released as the Instant Take podcast.  The audio from the interactive section is released as a premium podcast just for our club members.

The Bear – S03E05-7 – Children, Napkins, Legacy

The Fak of the matter is this show is serving one stellar episode after another. Jim and A.Ron are ready to gorge on the middle of season 3 of The Bear. Has Carmy learned to get out his own way? Can Ritchie figure out how to not f up? Will Sugar’s baby also have a sarcastic, food-related nickname? Sink your teeth into this podcast to find out.


LWJ&A – Episode 426 – Badass Fest VI News

Lunchtime! Get the juicy details on the Badass Fest VI event! There was kung fu! Kayaks! And a great community! Listen in to relive the best moments or to experience them for the first time. And have you heard? Bald Move is serving up delicious coffee. Get yours here! Would you be down for regional Bald Move meetups?