Bald Move Pulp - Badass Fest VI: True Lies (1994)

CHAMPION. CHARISMA. CHARACTER. These are the qualities that make a badass.
In the conclusion to Badass Fest VI, Jim and A.Ron tackle True Lies (1994). This action flick is another collaboration between James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Jamie Lee Curtis plays the wife to Arnold’s secret agent character, Harry. The two get wrapped up in bluffs, twists, and truth serum. This $100,000,000 smackdown is a feast for any action fan.


LWJ&A – Episode 427 – Wash Your Hands

Lunchtime! Jim and A.Ron ponder the question, “To travel, or not to travel?” If you’re grieving a pet, you’re not alone. When you’re ready for your next pet, A.Ron has some advice for getting frogs. Is there a Producer Reaction Cam in Bald Move’s future? Sure! That is if you want a dead-eyed Talitha for 80% of the time!