LWJ&A – Episode 418 – Total Eclipse of the Basketball Goal

Lunchtime! Let’s hope you have something better to eat than Cincinnati chili. Put on your solar glasses, A.Ron has Eclipse Talk for you. It really brings out Jim’s robot side. Find out Jim and A.Ron’s top movies over the course of their lives. When Jim and A.Ron fight, it becomes premium content. And hear YOUR burning questions on this episode of Lunch with Jim and A.Ron!

Why is Mr. Feeny a Car? - S03E02 – Family Ties  (1984) – S02E014 – “Say Uncle”

We’re continuing our nostalgic look back at the Very Special episodes of yesteryear with a look into how the Keatons handle an alcoholic Tom Hanks on “Family Ties”. Uncle Ned is struggling, but Hanks being Hanks still draws plenty of increasingly inappropriate laughter from the audience. Can his family win him over with some tough love? If you’re not familiar with Family Ties, the other major draw is getting to see a young Michael J. Fox in his teen-heart-throb era on his climb to ultimate 80’s super stardom.

Monkey Man (2024)

Dev Patel stars and makes his directorial debut this year with Monkey Man. This is a stylish movie from the costume design, to the music, to the fights. Jim and A.Ron were fully engrossed in the desperate violence and action that is woven through the story. If you’re a fan of slick action, this is the next movie for you to check out.