Dave Porter Interview

Very excited to be talking with Dave Porter, the composer for the score of Breaking Bad. He was gracious enough to talk about his production efforts for the show, including the process he uses to get that fantastically evocative sound we all love so much, the various crazy instruments and synthesizers he uses, his thoughts on his favorite sequences and themes for the show, as well as a few of his upcoming projects, like a Breaking Bad score album, and the score for an upcoming horror film, Smiley!


Taylor Elmore Interview – Season 3 Wrap Up

Hey Justified fans, we’re back for a season 3 wrap up! We’re happy to have Justified Writer / Producer Taylor Elmore on the show again to guide us through last season’s twists and turns and give us an idea of what we might be in store for in the coming season. I hope you enjoy listening to our conversation as much as we enjoyed recording it.


Interview with Justified Writer/Producer Taylor Elmore

Thanks to listener Ed K, we were put in touch with Writer/Producer for FX’s Justified, Taylor Elmore. Mr. Elmore was kind enough to give us about an hour of his time for a wide ranging interview that touches on his history with the show, the process for creating Justified, his thoughts and opinions on the plot, writing, and production of the show, and a few tidbits about up coming plot points for the second half of season three!

Special thanks goes out to our listeners who contributed some of the questions; Sandy, Michael G, Lucas, Daniel M, and redditors TheGreatNinjaYuffie, sniffles_snort, and notonekind. It was fun, we’ll have to do it again, sometime, maybe as a season three wrap up?

Blue Yonder

Five Inch Boom – Episode 74

GENCON, the “best four days in gaming”, is coming to our humble home town of Indianapolis next week.  We invited Michael “Madbrew” Brewer back on to give some tips for what to look for in this years convention, how to navigate the expo hall, potential new releases, and what you can safely avoid.  If you missed last year’s GenCon preview with Michael, you might want to give it a listen, as he discussed a lot more general GENCON survival tips, and his love for RPGs.

Blue Yonder

Brewing Madness – Episode 72

This week we bring back Michael “Madbrew” Brewer from MadBrewLabs for a three man debate about insane co-workers, assholes in RPGs, gaming culture, inclusiveness, women and minorities in gaming, who has rights to our friendships, and what we can or should do about our White/Straight/CIS/Male Privilege.

Blue Yonder

Ian Samuel, Esquire, Interview – Episode 70

The write up for this one is going to be short and sweet, folks, because the content is long and savory.  We finally aligned technology and schedules and sat down with Ian for a talk about all things geek, legal, and lawery.  Want to know what it’s like to argue before the Supreme Court? What it’s like to be an Omeganaut at PAX?  How to fight back against unfair IP law?  If emulators are legal?  How much energy the Death Star took to destroy Alderaan?  We talk about it.  At length.

Blue Yonder

Steve Jackson Interview – PAX East 2011

We’ve had a crazy weekend so far, and PAX isn’t even over! Join us for a bonus cast covering PAX East 2011, including a great interview of Steve Jackson, of Steve Jackson Games. Designer of GURPS, Munchkin, Zombie and Cthulu Dice, Steve was nice enough to give us about 30 minutes of his time to talk about game developing, table top gaming, and what great new products they’ve been working on, including a version of Munchkin with an Axe Cop theme. Hope you enjoy!