LWJ&A – Episode 408 – A Lot of Orifices

Lunchtime! A couple of listeners sent in some cool gifts! Catch the unboxing here. Get the line up on the upcoming star-studded Groundhog Day Marathon stream. Anyone interested in helping Bald Move renovate their Groundhog Day web page? There is potential Star Trek coverage coming down the pike. Find out which state has the most Club Bald Move members and more on this episode of LWJ&A!

For All Mankind - Season 4 Wrap Up

AppleTV+’s For All Mankind Season 4 has reentered the atmosphere. As this season splashes down, Jim and A.Ron are here to discuss their thoughts and listener feedback. Hear about how actress Krys Marshall wanted this season to end for her character Dani. And finally, Jim and A.Ron have some hopes and predictions for the Season 5 we hope we get!

Fargo - S05E10 – Bisquik

It’s the season finale of Fargo Season 5, did Noah Hawley pull it off? The overall plot and the character of Munch gave this season a Grimm’s Fairy Tale feel. This was one of the best episodes of the season, Juno Temple gives a great performance and Roy is finally taken down. Hear Jim and A.Ron’s thoughts and your feedback as we sign off on this season of Fargo.