Why is Mr. Feeny a Car? - S02E02 – Airwolf (1984) Pilot: “Shadow of the Hawke”

Boy, these shows really loved their feature length pilots, didn’t they? This week’s shadowy flight takes Jay and A.Ron into the world of a real man’s: Stringfellow Hawke. Stoic, heroic, traumatized war vet, appreciator of fine wine and finer art, musically gifted, philosophically complicated, mysterious and irresistible to women, stunt pilot by day and mercenary pilot by night. It’s A LOT. Airwolf is still badass, the villain is campy fun, Archangel is cool as coolwhip in his ice cream suit and patchglasses, but nearly every scene without a helicopter is deader than Gaddafi, who may or may not appear in this episode. Btw, did you know you can like, die, just by staying outside too long? It’s TRUE!

Growth Decay Transformation - S01E02 – “So There’s That”

Ever decide something with a coin flip? Walt and Jesse did. And that brings us to question the role of fate in the lives of these characters: Was Walt always Heisenberg? Or did he have to become Heisenberg? Looking back, there’s a lot bubbling under the surface of these characters. Now, go watch No Country for Old Men if you haven’t seen it yet.


LWJ&A – Episode 373 – I Don’t Give a FUCK LUNCH!

Lunchtime! This is the crazy “fuck it” lunch. Get the debrief on the Mission Impossible situation A.Ron lived through. Cats on cocaine are running around Cincinnati. If you see Jim and A.Ron in public wearing Bald Move merch, it is safe to approach. Walk slowly towards them, blinking gently, and with one hand extended holding a treat offering. Why is this the safest method to approach, you ask? Well, it’s because there isn’t much of a difference between Jim and A.Ron and the cats on cocaine.

Growth Decay Transformation - Bonus Episode 1 – “Why the Breaking Bad Pilot Still Rules”

Pete goes back to revisit the Pilot episode one more time to examine why it’s one of the best ever made. In 58 minutes it tells us everything we need to know about Walter White and is extremely effective at making us root for him. This is a great set up for Vince Gilligan’s larger plan to deliver a story about change.