Watching Dead - 1017 – Home Sweet Home

The marketing around these 6 episodes really had us confused before seeing the first one. I mean, are they or aren’t they part of season 10? Oh, the AMC announcement says they’re not? Then why does every place that makes these available, INCLUDING YOUR OWN WEBSITE, say they’re episodes 17 – 22 of season 10? Maybe you can understand why we thought they’d be completely extraneous viewing. We were pleasantly surprised, however. This first one at least, seems to be connecting to the larger story that we’re likely to see in season 11. Join us for the podcast to hear all about The Walking Dead season 10, EPISODE 17, Home Sweet Home.

Bald Move Prestige - Almost Famous (2000)

Almost famous is one of those movies that shouldn’t feel as real as it does. It’s an outrageous story about a teenaged musical critic who goes on tour with an up and coming rock band in the 1970s and accidentally finds himself writing the cover story for Rolling Stone. Totally relatable, right? Well, turns out it’s a semi-autobiographical depiction of the writer / director Cameron Crowe’s childhood, who spent his formative years touring with the likes of Skynyrd and Zeppelin as a music critic. You have to wonder how deep the similarities go when you see some of the stuff that happens in the movie, but it’s immensely enjoyable and the soundtrack is fantastic. Join us for the podcast to hear our thoughts on Almost Famous.

Bald Move Pulp - Bloodsport (1988)

KUMITE! KUMITE! For anyone who grew up in the 80s or 90s, Bloodsport is the best-known movie starring a man best-known for his incredibly limber legs, Jean-Claude Van Damme. Also starring Bolo Yeung as the man with the world’s largest pecs, it’s a movie that we both love and fear. Take a journey to Kowloon (seriously!) with us as we break down this classic badass movie from our childhoods.

Reviewing the Original Rankings: Return of the Badasses

We did a livestream on our Twitch channel this week where we dusted off the spreadsheet we made over 10 years ago that ranks the biggest badasses of all time and re-evaluated them with fresh eyes. There was a lot that had to change, so we did. There’s a large – even hulking, you might say – visual component to this podcast so we really recommend you check out the video on this one and then join us for next week’s livestream, Wednesday at 1pm, when we’ll be adding a whole slew of new badass men and women. But if not, enjoy this podcast such as it is.

Bald Move Pulp - Black Widow (2021)

We’ve seen the only MCU movie about an Avenger to be posthumously titled with just their name, no subtitles, and we’re here to say that it’s still worth watching. Despite it being an origin story (of sorts) for an already-dead character and having a few third-act question marks, it manages to deliver on comedy, heart, thrills, and spectacle you want from a mainline Marvel hero story.