Glengarry Glen Ross (1992)

Eric Cunanan commissioned us to watch the classic 1992 drama, Glengarry Glen Ross, directed by James Foley and based on the stage play by David Mamet. If megawatt star power (Al Pacino, Jack Lemon, Ed Harris, Kevin Spacey, Alec Baldwin, Alan Arkin among others), crisp, lyrical, profane dialog, and meditations on the death of the American Dream sound like something you’re into, you should give this movie a shot if you haven’t already.


Watching Westworld – 101 – “The Original”

Jim and A.Ron are incredibly impressed with the first episode of HBO’s new sci-fi western, Westworld. It was one of the best pilots we’ve ever seen, packing an amazing amount of mystery and world-building in just one hour, laying a great foundation for the rest of first season. We discuss our relative comfort with the co


American Horror Story Podcast – American Horror Story – 603 – “Chapter 3”

A.Ron and Cecily are a bit divided on their opinion on “Chapter 3” of FX’s American Horror Story: My Roanoke Nightmare, with A.Ron really digging Cricket’s psychic connection with the former inhabitants of the lost colony of Roanoke, and Cecily impatient to get to the true fire Murphy is promising for later in the season. Also, lots of pigs, and it turns out? Shelby is the WORST. All this and a bunch of feedback from you fellow fans coming right up!


Mr. Robot – Season 2 Wrapup

Jim and A.Ron sign off for 2016 on Mr. Robot, before turning our attention to Westworld, Halt and Catch Fire, and American Horror Story. But first we have to wrap things up with some final thoughts and a bunch of new listener theories and analysis. Hope to see you around on some of our current and future endeavors, but if not, we’ll be back next year for season three!


Halt and Catch Fire – 307 – The Threshold

It’s a doozy of a final board room scene in this episode of HACF, and not everyone leaves unscathed. One of the two hosts of this podcast thought this was the best episode of the show yet, and one of us…disagreed. Regardless, between the passive aggressive drama, Boz breaking down, and the Joe-like machinations of (mastermind?) Gordon, the stage is set for a rip-roarin’ final three episodes. Color us excited!

Primer (2004)

Bald Movies – Primer (2004)

The string of solid commissioned hits is in full string with one of Jim’s favorite movies and A.Ron’s soon-to-be favorite, Primer. If you’re into noodly time travel plots and engineers talking in fits and starts about really technical stuff like we are, you’ll probably love this one. Thanks to Mike Jacyna for his excellent taste in commissions.

Watching Westworld Logo - 3000px

Watching Westworld – Season 1 Preview

Jim and A.Ron spend a bit of time talking about the upcoming season of HBO’s new sci-fi/western, Westworld. We discuss the multiple reasons to be excited, from the creative and talent pedigree of the project, to the stellar advance reviews the series has enjoyed. Can the series live up to it’s promise, and hype, to become HBO’s next Game of Thrones sized megahit? Will the concept be able to sustain more than just one or two seasons? What does Westworld look like in four seasons? We’ll find out together, but in the meantime, please send us any feedback or thoughts you have!

David Fincher

Direct – David Fincher – Epilogue

Our time with Fincher has come to a close. What a wonderful filmography. Well done, sir. See you in November! Let us know who you’d like us to cover next at our Direct Forum. Join the conversation: Leave us a Review |