LWJ&A – 8/2/2019

We discuss Star Trek: TNG; the missed opportunity for a Van Damme Ham Slam; book suppositories; the future with Starburns Audio and Pickle Me This; what chance Earth has if it needs to be defended by Jim, A.Ron, and Cecily; book recommendations from A.Ron; the dominance of being tall; the Freedom Dividend the societal contract…

Bald Move TV – Trailer Talk! The Boys! Los Espookys!

SDCC came and went like the multi-billion dollar enterprise that it is, flooding our humble tubes with trailer upon trailer of new and returning television series, and we’re here to talk about them ALL! Then we discuss the new Amazon Prime Video series that tugs on Superman’s cape; The Boys. Finally, we say a fond adios to Los Espookys. Can’t wait to see what spooks you get up to next season!


LWJ&A – 7/26/2019

Jim gives us an update on his Tesla Model 3.  Cecily gives an update on her work situation. The gang considers Marvel Phase 4 and the limitations of being fat Ryan Gosling, emaciated Chris Hemsworth, or Paul Giamatti.  They discuss what they would do with free wishes.  Finally, the Bald Move family gets honest and they tell us something they have never told anyone before.


Empire Business – Advertising 2019

In this episode of Empire Business, Jim and I take another look at the seedy side of podcasting; advertising. We’ve got a new backend host to show off, a new ad partner, some thoughts on advertising and our philosophy regards it, and some exciting news about a partnership with Starburns Audio for an upcoming high profile project!

Bald Movies – Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood (2019)

We went and saw “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”, the latest movie written and directed by Quentin Tarantino, starring Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Margot Robbie. It’s not his best film, it’s certainly not his “worst”, but for us it’s extremely watchable throughout it’s nearly three hour run-time and when it finally goes off the rails in the last reel, hoo-boy. Brad and Leo are having a lot of fun, the film is as gorgeous as you’d expect, and Hollywood looks as magical as it ever has on screen.  We’ll be back next week to check out Hobbes and Shaw, see you then! 

Bald Move TV – Harlots – 303

Cecily and A.Ron are back to mourn the loss of a pillar in the Harlots community. What an episode! We were having so much fun, on the edge of our seats, giggling over our muff pistols, eagerly anticipating what a flustercuck the boxing match at Lady Fitz’ palace was shaping up to be, and then Harlots crossovered with Game of Thrones, and we’re not talking in terms of Theon Greyjoy. It will be interesting to see how the characters will weather the loss, or the show itself for that matter. We have faith in Ms. Newman and Buffini, but we’re still reeling from the gut punch they hit us with. Come back next week as no doubt team Wells-North burns down London in some insane revenge plot!

Bald Move TV – Netflix shrinks, HBO Maximizes, David Harbour does WHAT?!

Welcome back to another edition of Bald Move TV! This week, we talk about Netflix’s recent announcements that their Q2 numbers were looking soft in the US and around the globe, talk some details about HBO’s new HBO MAX streaming service, before finally talking about David Harbour’s new project, Frankenstein’s Monster’s Monster, Frankenstein (00:00:00).