Watching Dead – 515 – “Try”

We discuss rationing booze, the complete lack of any sort of follow through or effect on Deanna’s “no guns, no going outside” policy, Glenn’s righteous setting straight of Dickolous, Rick’s “no”, gobs and gobs of feedback, and a robust spoiler section contained by our cold rolled steel wall of outro music. Can’t wait to see if they cap off a rather successful mini-arc with a pulse pumping season finale next week! See you then!


House of Cards – 311 – “Chapter Thirty Seven”

House of Cards episode 311, “Chapter Thirty Seven” finds yet another crisis in the Underwood administration. His increasingly imperious tone and ruthless manner seem to be driving away allies and attracting ever more enemies. We discuss Claire’s seven year plan, Frank’s fangs, Doug learning how to love, your feedback, and much more.


House of Cards – 310 – “Chapter Thirty Six”

In this episode of House of Cards, number 310, “Chapter 36″, Thomas makes an indecent proposal, Fake Putin plays hard ball, Doug faces children for the first time of his life, and Gavin abandons his beloved guinea pig. Support Bald Move:  Amazon  |  Club Bald Move Leave Us A Review Join the discussion:  Email  |…