Better Cast Saul – 110 – “Marco”

Jim and A.Ron sign off of Better Call Saul on our coverage of the finale episode, number 110 entitled “Marco”… We discuss our changing perceptions of Chuck and Hamlin, Jimmy’s Cicero week o’ scams, pinky rings, and parking lot based changes of heart. Along the way, we consider a ton of great feedback, and towards the end, consider Better Call Saul’s place alongside it’s big brother, Breaking Bad. Perhaps a bit premature, but the fact that we can have an interesting conversation at this point is high praise all by itself, no? Thanks for a great first season, we’ve had a blast, and we can’t wait to catch up to Jimmy next year.

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The Palm Court – Life On The Surface Is Harsh

Kelly and Tom very nearly have their sign on and sign off sorted out in their recap of Mr. Selfridge S3E2, which is a good thing, because they also have a lot of reactions to what is happening on the show. They are skeptical of the Russians’ Russianness, intrigued by the introduction of Mean Fat…


Justified – 611 – “Fugitive Number One”

Jim and A.Ron were gobsmacked by the latest Justified, episode 611 entitled “Fugitive Number One”… Yost shamed us for all our criticism by deploying a pulse pounding, shocking, awesome, and very tight hour that sets the table beautifully for an epic final two episodes. What more could you want as a fan of Justified. On that note, we discuss our fraudulent fandom, Mikey, er, I mean Michael’s amazing change of heart, Raylan being at a loss for words, his healthy fear of Art, and ponder who the most dangerous man in Harlan is at the moment. All this, your feedback, and lots more!