Family Meeting – The Third Glass Is The Singing Glass

Kelly and Tom are joined by fellow podcaster Lauren Parker for their recap of Peaky Blinders S1E3. They chat about Fire Street, whine about the relative lack of Sam Neill, wonder if Ada has matured at all since the age of 9, debate whether Freddie Thorne or Arthur Shelby wears their terrible haircut better, clarify…


Orange is the New Cast – 302 – “Bed Bugs and Beyond”

A.Ron and Nina from Project Fandom tag team episode 302 of Netflix’s Orange is the New Back, “Bed Bugs and Beyond”. In this episode, we’re both pretty much over Alex and Piper before it even starts up again, we’re charmed by Caputo and revolted by Healy, and we have some real talk about Lysol based feminine hygiene, and try to decide if having Cesar as a dad beats having no dad at all.

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LWJ&A – 6/19/2015

Starts approximately at 1pm EST! Come watch us record, live and in the Bald Move studio. It’s the fastest way to get our podcast, and see all the behind the scenes stuff including the occasional flubs and glitches.