Bald Movies – Joker (2019)

Jim and I went to see the Joker tonight, and it was intense, challenging, but also beautiful and engrossing look at mental illness and the sicknesses at the heart of our society.  Director Todd Phillips gives us a plausible, believable, and terrifying Joker to inhabit a world that is set in a hazy late 70s period but…

American Horror Story Podcast – S09E02 – Mr. Jingles

Cecily and A.Ron dissect the latest episode of FX’s American Horror Story: 1984, “Mr. Jingles”. We discuss all hyper hiker ghostly and/or time traveling theories, Brooke’s very bad day, the finer points of hog washing, and question how we can possibly endure the world’s longest night. Then in the mailbag, a listener blows our minds with evidence of just how long this night may last.


LWJ&A – 9/27/2019

Jim and A.Ron had another successful Double Hook Friday; A.Ron and Jim have both had major life-changing events; Opus has joined the studio; they discuss difficulties in operating a business; how to handle cold calls from political campaigns; El Camino coverage; where would famous Italian guitarist Jim Jones live in Italy; whether or not to skip the last GoT books; a good old-fashioned draft and potential future bridge draft; their concert history; Star Wars fan fic; Zach Snyder’s take on anything; and finally, Jim’s go-to burrito order.