Everybody Loves Reagan – 304 – “Dimebag”

On this week’s The Americans on FX, episode 304, “Dimebag”, things get pretty gross.  Phillip wrestles with recruiting an underage daughter of a CIA official, Elizabeth throws down the guantlet on Page and then Jesus Christ our Lord Himself, Stan learns how to get in touch with his boring-ass inner self, and Nina find intrigue in track suit prison.  Ah, The Americans:  If stuffing a woman into a suitcase and pulling teeth on screen won’t “nope” you out, how about child predation?  All this and some feedback that has the guys rethinking things.  Have a great weekend!

Justified – 605 – “Sounding”

In this episode 605 of FX’s Justified, “Sounding”, the show takes a quick breather to setup the next round of plot developments while still managing to throw us in some fan-red-meat in the form of Constable Bob and Limehouse.  A few things we were aplexed about; Ava playing the hapless damsel in distress routine in particular was not a good look for her.  Other topics discuss include the various types of “damps” one can encounter in a mineshaft, Choo Choo’s impending Steinbeck moment, Bob’s fully armed and operational balls, Boyd paying a visit to an in-law, and the intriguing rift in the Ty / Avery alliance.  That’s to say nothing of our theory on Loretta ruling the Harlan necropolis via the might of Apple Pie, nor all the great feedback we got!


Breaking Good – 213 – “ABQ”

In this installment of Breaking Bad, episode 213, “ABQ”, AKA, “A.Ron’s Waterloo”,we find really excellent episode that works on so many visceral and emotional levels, but for at least one host, comes completely off the rails in the final 15 minutes. Other than THAT, we discuss the excellent work by Aaron Paul and Anna Gunn, Walt’s endearing qualities, such as they are, John de Lancie’s haunting portrayal of Jane’s father, Gus hiding in plain sight, and one grizzled old fixer dude in Saul Goodman’s employ… I doubt we see much more of him. All this, a smattering of feedback, and the guys get philosophical about season 3 in the spoiler section.


Better Cast Saul – 103 – “Nacho”

Relax, everyone on the internet! Jim finally is pleased with an episode of Better Call Saul… In the series third outing, we get a hint of the plot that’s going to be moving perhaps a good chuck of the rest of the season, as Jimmy McGill and a huge bag of ill gotten funds finally meet. How we got to that point is interesting too, as we bear witness to the demise of Slipping Jimmy, get hints about the nature of Jimmy and Kim’s relationship, and see the genesis of a more congenial relationship between Mike and the man who will one day be called Saul. And sex robots! All this, a ton of feedback, and the barest whiff of a spoiler section that morphs into an impromptu Bald Move TV segment. Just, a lot of stuff happens on this podcast. Enjoy!