Game of Thrones – 604 – Book of the Stranger – SpoiLore Edition

Jim and A.Ron consider some book-based speculation and theories from the latest episode of Game of Thrones! If you’re a show-only watcher who doesn’t want any spoilers, it’s best to just skip this one. Need to catch up? Here’s a Tinfoil SpoiLore archive of previous podcasts by topic. Each link has a time code listed so you can jump right to the tinfoil topic of the week for your convenience and listening pleasure

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The Because Show – Ep 176 Lightning Round!

It’s been a quiet week for Amy and Susan, so they introduce a new TBS game: Lightning Round! They talk for five minutes about totally random topics created by a panel of experts  (i.e. whoever is around at the time). In other words, what do platypus-beak jewelry, hottie garbage truck drivers, Dave & Busters, fifth-grade…


Bald Movies – The Goonies (1985) – Commissioned Podcast

Special thanks to Fernando Rodriguez, who commissioned the 1985 classic kid’s adventure movie, “The Goonies”. Directed by Richard Donner with a script by Chris Columbus, this movie really brings us back to our child hood days, which leads to us spending time fondly reminiscing about the film and growing up, and of course obsessively picking nits and busting “The Goonies” balls. Which of course, is our mothers’ favorite part. Stay tuned til the end as we invite a surprise guest to give their opinions as well!


Penny Earful – 303 – “Good and Evil Braided Be”

Cecily and A.Ron are very impressed with the latest episode of Showtime’s Penny Dreadful, “Good and Evil Braided Be”. Full of intra-vampiral intrigue, our favorite werewolf being possibly bewitched by Hecate (with the good hair), surprising revelations and connections to characters and their histories, and an intriguing — and bloody — proto-feminist plot for world dominance, there’s a lot to like and talk about. Join us for a discussion of the episode with a little help from feedback from our fellow fans!


Game of Thrones – 604 – Book of the Stranger

Jim and A.Ron, after careful sober analysis, declare “Book of the Stranger” an awesome episode of HBO’s Game of Thornes. In an impressive display of girl power, Sansa and Jon team up to take back the North, Cersie and the Queen of Thorns conspire to take back King’s Landing, Yara helps her brother find his spine, Dany flips braziers and sets fire to many a Khal’s ambition, and Osha… well, Osha finds that there are still limits to what a gal can get away with in Westeros, but we’re mostly okay with that because it seems like Ramsey already has a noose around his neck and doesn’t even know it. And that’s not even the half of it. Pink letters, Tormund and Brienne shipping, Littlefinger scheming, and much more coming straight up.


Bald Move TV – Banshee – 407 – “Truths Other Than The Ones You Tell Yourself”

Cecily and A.Ron are not happy with Banshee right now, and episode 407, “Truths Other Than The Ones You Tell Yourself” is a showcase for why.  Proctor now is involved in federal corruption that almost literally goes all the way to the top.  Hood can be snuck up on by a disgraced plastic surgeon with a wrench. Law enforcement, including the FBI, can’t track one of their agent’s cell phones.  Cruz gets murdered in the first seconds of the episode and NOT by Carrie. Everyone is acting their asses off and the show still looks great, but it has totally lost it’s mind.  Check back with us next week when we finally get the epic Proctor versus The Rest show down we’ve been wanting.  Please?


Game of Thrones – 604 – Book of the Stranger – Instant Take

After seeing episode 604 of HBO’s Game of Thrones, “Book of the Stranger”, Jim wants to shout from the rooftops “TARGARYENS ARE FIREPROOF!!” I desperately want to argue with him, but he’s right. About this particular Targaryen in this TV show version of Westeros, anyway, and it was admittedly cool. Me, I liked the emotional heft and tingles from the Sansa and Jon reunion, the Theon and Yara/Asha reunion, I even enjoyed the Littlefinger / Robin reunion was fairly awesome. Very interesting to see what people ultimately think of this episodes, especially book fans… has Martin been lying to us this whole time, or are the Double Ds making some smart and cinema friendly edits? We’ll talk more on the full podcast coming out Tuesday!