Game of Thrones - 101 - Winter is Coming

Game of Thrones – 101 – Winter is Coming

And now our Watch begins. Jim and I start the process of backfilling our Game of Thrones Podcast catalog by revisiting the series premiere, episode 101, “Winter is Coming”. If you’re new to the series, don’t fear, we don’t spoil anything for future episodes, but we do have a Spoiler section at the end of our podcast for people who want to stick around and talk about the show in the broader context of having seen all six seasons or read all of the available books.


Direct – David Fincher – Alien³

Alien 3 is a film. David Fincher directed it. It’s…not great… Hmmm…it’s…definitely a full-length feature film in the Alien franchise. That is a fact. Join us next week for Se7en! Join the conversation: Leave us a Review | Se7en Forum | Support Bald Move: Amazon | Club Bald Move

Family Meeting

Family Meeting – Bowie Take The Wheel

Kelly and Tom recap the penultimate episode of Peaky Blinders S3 and hope for a happy ending for Pol, wonder if it’s too soon for Bowie’s Lazarus (it’s never too soon), reflect on the awesomeness of Russian lingerie, celebrate the return of Alfie Solomons, and demand a BAFTA for Paul Anderson.


Bald Movies – Seven (1995) – Commissioned Podcast

Special thanks to our community commissioners Fernando Rodriguez, Flash Gordon, Jefferson B, Katie Gutierrez, cocoa2mc, pooljedi, Martin K, shockg11, Keith Alejandro, Ryan L, and jmyjnstn67 for coming together and making this podcast on the 1995 David Fincher helmed “Seven” possible. Neither Jim nor I had seen this movie in it’s entirety, though some of us were more spoiled than others. We were surprised at how well the movie held up and managed to entertain despite the various exposure to spoilers. We discuss the film, it’s message, our own bleak/positive worldviews, and much more.