Orange is the New Cast – 307 – “Tongue Tied”

Hello, and welcome back from our brief hiatus as we continue our coverage of Orange is the New Black, this time talking about episode 307, “Tongue Tied”, AKA the one about the magical Norma. Joining me this week is Nina from Project Fandom, as we discuss the enigmatic Ruby Rose, Norma’s cultish backstory (and increasingly cultish present), lesbian failures, Rule 34 of the Internet, intergalactic space smut courtesy of Suzanne’s beautiful mind, and lots of other stuff including a smattering of feedback from our fellow inmates. See you Friday!

Family Meeting

Family Meeting – The Clang’s the Best Part

Open that bottle of champagne as Kelly & Tom wrap up their coverage of Peaky Blinders S1 with this recap of E6. They invent the term “laundrobrothel,”roll their eyes at Comrade Baby’s actual name, unexpectedly warm to Moss, applaud Mumper and Esme’s general approach to life, enjoy what is possibly the show’s very best scene,…

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LWJ&A – 7/6/2015

Starts approximately at 1pm EST! Come watch us record, live and in the Bald Move studio. It’s the fastest way to get our podcast, and see all the behind the scenes stuff including the occasional flubs and glitches.


Family Meeting – Good Call, Pathological Liars

In their recap of Peaky Blinders S1E5, Kelly & Tom can hardly believe they’re already covering the penultimate episode of series one. They worry about Comrade Baby’s welfare, feel absolutely gutted by Arthur, accidentally call Cillian by his character name, speculate whether Sam Neill and Scarface have ever been seen in the same place at…