Bald Movies – “Memento” – Commissioned Podcast

Special thanks once again to Andrew “The Commissioner” Mount, for having us do the 2001 Christopher Nolan movie, “Memento”. Starring Guy Pierce and Carrie-Anne Moss, Memento is an engaging, cerebral, well crafted thriller mystery with an ingenious plot device that plays with our sense of memory and time. We both highly recommend you see this movie before listening to the podcast, as the first time viewing experience of this movie is hard to beat, and it’s an excellent film. If you can find it please give it a shot and then come back and see what we had to say about it.

Thanks, Andrew, that was fun and intellectually stimulating! Do you have something you’d like us to blab about on a special podcast just for you? Find out how you can commission your very own podcast right here.

The Palm Court - A Mr Selfridge Podcast Logo

The Palm Court – Next Stop: Oz

Kelly & Tom wrap up Mr. Selfridge S3E9 and E10 in this supersized recap (thanks to Viking River Cruises, we assume). They identify the YouTube commenters of post WWI Britain, make merciless fun of Gordons Dumb, New, and New New, cheer Mr. Crabb’s vulgarity, explore the limits of the Defence of the Realm Act, ask important questions about…

January Jones as Betty Francis - Mad Men _ Season 7B, Episode 13 - Photo Credit: Michael Yarish/AMC

Mad Men Happy Hour – 713 – “The Milk and Honey Route”

Jim and A.Ron are here to help you sort through the complex feelings we’re all getting at the prospect of Pete getting the happiest of potential Mad Men endings, as we unpack the tragic and yet strangely hopeful penultimate episode entitled “The Milk and Honey Route”… We discuss small town hustles, German cannibalism, Betty’s dignity and grace in the face of genuine crisis — no, really! — Sally’s forced evolution into the role of mother, and Duck’s high stakes game of career poker with Pete, Pete trading in the Pit for a life of redemption and bliss reunited with his family in Wichita, and Don finally embracing the hobo lifestyle that has called out to him since his boyhood. It’s a terrific, complex, moving episode that sets us up beautifully for the end. We’ll be with you the whole way, not just next week for the finale, but the week after too, as we indulge in a series finale podcast spectacular. See you then!


Game of Thrones – 505 – “Kill the Boy”

Jim and A.Ron are here to discuss episode 505 of Game of Thrones, “Kill the Boy”… They discuss Stone Men, the parallel structure of Jon and Dany’s “trust your gut” scenes, and they’re very different outcomes, our new found appreciation for Stannis the Mannis, and if that spells his doom, Roose’s far less heartwarming version of the classic Game of Thrones “you are my child” speech, and examine all the ways Winterfell is shaping up to be a battleground. All this and tons of your great feedback. We’re not done yet, either… stay tuned for the SpoiLORE podcast coming out Friday afternoon. See you then!