The World We Deserve – 208 – Omega Station

Jim and A.Ron attempt to have a nuanced discussion on the ups and downs of Season Two of True Detective. We talk about what worked, what didn’t, the possibility of a RenaiVance, and wonder about the identity of the series as we anticipate Season Three. If you’ve enjoyed our coverage of Season One and Two, please consider leaving us a positive iTunes review or supporting us with the links below. If you’re super mad that we never learned how to pronounce Edd-i-pus, or we otherwise gave you blueballs of the heart, there’s always the option for the scathing one star review. As for us? No rest. Never stop moving. Hopefully we’ll see you later on for Fargo / The Leftovers / The Walking Dead.

Watching Dead – 516 – “Conquer”

While it wasn’t the perfect finale, Jim and A.Ron are liking where we leave our group for the season in the plus-sized podcast for the super-sized episode 516 of The Walking Dead, “Conquer”… We discuss Ricktatorship 2.0, the continued rise of the Caroligarchy, the puzzling degradation of the skill set of one Daryl “Master Tracker” Dixon, what to make of these Wolves on our borders, the rediscovery of one Teenage Morgan Ninja Turtle, and wonder if sunsets work differently on the East Coast and just how big is Alexandria, anyway? All this, and just tons of great feedback, coming your way. And we’re not ready to close the books on the season just yet! Come back next week for our season five wrap up!