Better Cast Saul – Season Two Preview Podcast

AMC’s “Better Call Saul” is back next week, and we’re ready for it. Join us for a review of season one, what we’re expecting for season two, what unspeakable sex crime a “Hoboken Squat Cobbler” could be, and our thoughts and yours on the future of the show. See you back for the premier Monday, Feb 15th, and the following Wednesday for our full podcast coverage!

Watching Dead – Mid-Season 6 Preview

We’re back to discuss the new seasons and some changes to our coverage going forward. The Instant Cast is out, in favor of an accelerated Monday full podcast. But that’s not all, as we discuss reasons to be cautiously optimistic about the new season, as well as reasons to fear. And we get fired up over some recent revelations about Frank Darabont’s departure from TWD way back in season two. It explains a lot of what’s had us scratching our heads over the past few years. All this, plus some casting news and plot detail discussions in our clearly marked Spoiler Section, and feedback from our readers. See you all back Sunday for the premiere!

Black Oil and Bee Stings – The X-Files Miniseries (2016) Preview

Greetings X-Philes! Jim and A.Ron begin their coverage of the six episode mini-series version of the X-Files with a bit of a preview podcast, to get the feeds primed and pumping for this weekend’s premiere. We discuss our history with the X-Files, favorite episodes, and hopes and fears for the weeks ahead. Our coverage of the first episode airing on Fox the evening of Sunday, January 24th, will be out Tuesday, January 26th! See you then.

Fargo – Season 2 Preview

Jim and A.Ron are ready for Fargo season two to start next week, and to get the ball rolling we have a mini-preview / roundup of casting news, plot outlines, early advance reviews, episode titles, and a bit of feedback. Fargo begins this coming Monday, and our podcasts will be out each following Wednesday. See you then!

Following The Leftovers – Following The Leftovers – Season 2 Preview

Jim and A.Ron look forward to checking in on the Garvey’s and meeting the Murphy’s in season two of The Leftovers, returning to your television this Sunday on HBO at 9pm. We’re pumped up due to Alan Sepinwall’s recent review and interview of show runner Damon Lindelof, so there is a ton to talk about.  The mysteries of Jarden, Texas, the differing points of view featured this season, and what the heck is going on down in Australia?  We don’t have a lot of answers, and Lindelof says he doesn’t either, but at least we’ll all have fun watching.  Er, I mean, at least we’ll all sob our selves to sleep after watching.  

Mad Men Happy Hour – Season 7b Preview!

We recap where we are at the start of the season, and give our hopes and fears for our favorite characters, then consider some of your feedback on same. Can the Weiner stick the landing? Is that even an important question for a show like Mad Men? What would failure look like, anyway? Who’s hooking up, who’s left standing, what kind of man will Don/Dick ultimately be in the final assessment? All this and more as we gear up to give the series the send off it deserves. See you Sunday night!

Game of Thrones – Season Five Preview – No Spoiler Edition

Jim and A.Ron talk about their hopes, fears, and predictions for season five, as we go around Westeros and Essos recapping where our various heroes and villains are as we left them last season… We discuss improvements and changes to our coverage this year, all of our favorite characters, how Jim feels as a non-book reader about the series leap frogging the books, and much more. Next week, the spoiler section! A.Ron will host a book reader support group for those facing the trauma of having the books spoiled by the show, discuss what the hell is going on with some of the changes and alterations that have been revealed thus far in trailers and print, and preview the video enhancement to the upcoming and totally revamped SpoiLore section!