Penny Earful – 301 – “The Day Tennyson Died”

Welcome to the first episode of “Penny Earful”, representing Bald Move’s podcast covering Showtime’s gothic horror series, “Penny Dreadful”. A.Ron and Cecily are both high on the premiere episode, “The Day Tennyson Died”, and share our thoughts and opinions Vanessa in recluse mode, Ethan on the Lamb, Sir Malcolm’s new sidekick, and get incredibly excited for the tease of the new big evil bad guy our gang will be squaring off against. All this and of course, feedback from our fellow fans.

Breaking Good – 301 – No Mas

We’re back! Summer just ain’t summer without some of the old Heisenberg Blue, and we’re crushing and snorting episodes from here on out until we wrap up our coverage for season three. First up, the Bryan Cranston directed, Vince Gilligan written premiere, “No Mas”. Walt wants out, Skyler wants Walt out of the house, Jesse embraces his role as the bad guy, and Walt Jr. turns down waffles. This and other shocking developments are considered, and we analyze some character arcs in the spoiler section, safely tucked away at the end of the podcast.

House of Cards – 301 – “Chapter Twenty Seven”

A.Ron and Jim begin their watch of Netflix’s House of Cards season 3, with episode 301 entitled “Chapter Twenty Seven”. In this episode Frank waters his father’s tomb, Doug claws his way back from the grave, Claire demands her turn at the reins of power, and we’re introduced to the hot new trend from DC, syringe shots! All this and some earlybird feedback, coming at you.

Everybody Loves Reagan – 301 – “EST Men”

Jim and A.Ron are in the rezidentura, discussing the latest dispatch from The Americans, episode 301, “EST Men”.  We talk about the toughness of Agent Gaad, Stan’s marksmanship lessons, the evolution of A.Ron’s greater Paige theory, how we feel about Gabriel, and the other events of the episode both shocking and mundane.  This plus your feedback,…