309 & 310 – Nix & NeXT

Halt and Catch Fire season 3 has come to an end, and by God, it deserves a ton of credit for being awesome. The character growth, the intrinsic love story, the shoutout to Al Gore- it all adds up to a satisfying ride with some of our favorite characters on television. The best news? A final season has been announced for this show, which means that we get to have real closure with these characters sometime next year. Tell your friends, more people need to be watching this show!

308 – You Are Not Safe

Lots of character growth in another great episode of Halt and Catch Fire and there are still two episodes left. Can Donna recover from the latest blow to Mutiny? How will Joe handle the death of a friend? And most importantly, can the moth-plagued wardrobe of Cameron hold together long enough to make it to Japan? There’s still plenty of runtime left to get the answers.

307 – The Threshold

It’s a doozy of a final board room scene in this episode of HACF, and not everyone leaves unscathed. One of the two hosts of this podcast thought this was the best episode of the show yet, and one of us…disagreed. Regardless, between the passive aggressive drama, Boz breaking down, and the Joe-like machinations of (mastermind?) Gordon, the stage is set for a rip-roarin’ final three episodes. Color us excited!

305 – Yerba Buena

The season may have just hit a bottleneck at the halfway point. We discuss the seesaw nature of the characters as we try to pin down the root cause of our dissatisfaction with the episode. Does Joe have HIV? Is Cameron married or just engaged? What is this week’s Tandy Shandy recipe? Join us while we discuss episode 305… after all, It’s always a bad idea to bet against openness.

304 – Rules of Honorable Play

The plot thickens! In this episode, Joe gets snarky, Cameron gets fiery, Gordon gets chill, and Donna hides in the corner of the basement and gets creepy, underhanded and intriguing. It seems that the stage is set for a major coup in the Mutiny world, and Joe might just invent the internet. Stuff is happening, so grab your Tandy Shandy and take it all in.

303 – Flipping the Switch

Tear up your daily itinerary because Jim & Eric are back to cover the latest episode of Halt and Catch Fire. We discuss the latest versions of Joe and Cameron, the increasingly problematic situations inside Mutiny and the Clark house, and top it off with a good dose of Matthew Lillard love. Come relive your high-powered cocaine-fueled glory days with us.

Season 3 Preview

Halt and Catch Fire is back for a third season on AMC despite being watched by just a half million people. Among those half million viewers are myself and Eric. We’ve dusted off our Commodores and Tandys to record a weekly podcast so HALT and join us as we Cast Fire in the season 3 preview.