Mutiny Community – 301 & 302 – Valley of the Heart’s Delight & One Way or Another

Well, season three of Halt and Catch Fire certainly shook things up for our heroes. The consensus is that these first two episodes have taken the show to the next level— but there is much still yet to be revealed. Donna and Gordon picked up right where they left off, but tension is always present on the horizon with those two. Cameron and Joe, on the other hand, have slipped into completely new roles. Cameron is now a startup CEO with the pitching chops and corporate speak to match. Joe has gone off the reservation, perched in his high tower over San Francisco, pulling Machiavellian schemes while his company rakes in millions.

The stage is set for Mutiny to grow and for Joe to manipulate the sanity of his enemies. And Bosworth has a robot butler. Grab a Tandy Shandy, HACF is back!

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