Yellowjackets - S02E04 – Old Wounds

The Misty and Walter storyline is taking a cute turn. It’s also taking a dark turn. Such is the nature of Yellowjackets. As the mysteries pile up, Jim finds some theories he likes. And A.Ron makes a play for some future Internet points. What darkness is hiding behind the beautiful blue eyes of Elijah Wood? And find out about the plot point that Jim considers an intellectual affront.

Yellowjackets - S02E03 – Digestif

The identity of the Antler Queen is still a mystery, but maybe not for long. Misty and Randy get up to some hijinks involving a Dremel and Fanta. That makes for light comedy compared to laying Jackie’s bones to rest. As Tai continues to sleepwalk, Jim and A.Ron wonder how many versions of Tai are within her mind. And finally, what we’re all wondering; will they eat Coach before he wastes away to nothing?

Yellowjackets - S02E02 – Edible Complex

If all your friends jumped off a bridge and then committed cannibalism, would you do it too?! Now that the cannibalistic dam has broken, when will the rest of the team take the plunge? When you’re in the wilderness, survival is dubious. Which means Javi might be gone for good. It also means there’s no Internet to look up makeup tutorials.