Bald Move TV – The Deuce – 201 – Our Raison D’être

Jim and A.Ron are happy to be back into the swinging 70’s with the cast and crew of HBO’s The Deuce, with it’s return episode, “Our Raison D’être”. This time and setting are so colorful, fun, and alive that it’s easy to forget the layer of decay and menace that lurks just beneath each scene. Whether it’s pimps losing their grip on the game or mobsters that have grown fat and lazy from politicians looking the other way, there are a lot of dangerous people that could quickly decide that they are being squeezed out. Who knows what kind of damage they could wreak on their way out? We hope you join us each week here on Bald Move TV as we watch another David Simon-led look into the intersection of politics, money, crime, and corruption.

Game of Thrones – 309 – The Rains of Castamere

This week we have the pleasure of talking about one of the best, and most gut wrenching episodes of HBO’s Game of Thrones, “The Rains of Castamere”. The Lannisters score a decisive victory against the Starks in surprising and brutal fashion. Particularly rough is Arya, who is forced to witness the destruction of her family when she was oh so close to being reunited with them. Over in Essos, Dany provides a lone bright point as her captains’ valor and her reputation as Breaker of Chains lays the slave city of Yunkai at her feet. We’ll be back next week to wrap this season up. See you then!

Better Cast Saul – 405 – Quite a Ride

Jim and A.Ron tackle a very good and very Kim and Jimmy episode of AMC’s Better Call Saul, “Quite a Ride”. A taste of BrBa-era Saul! The origins of the Superlab!  The return of grifting at the ol’ Dog House and the Wash Tub! Lots of nostalgia and lots of great character development and a very fun montage anchor this episode and make it a stand out. Plus, we talk therapy, Kim theories, thoughts on Gus’ background and much more in our feedback section!

Game of Thrones – 308 – Second Sons

Jim and A.Ron consider the latest episode in our summer re-watch of season three of HBO’s Game of Thrones. “Second Sons” features the second happiest wedding we’ve ever seen on Westeros (which is damning with non-existent praise), Arya swinging from utter despair to something approaching optimism in her captivity with the Hound (the sweet, summer child), as newcomer Daario Naharis steals into Dany’s camp attempts to steal Dany’s heart. We discuss all this and more!

Better Cast Saul – 404 – Talk

Okay, okay, perhaps we shouldn’t have used the dreaded “b”-word when describing this episode of AMC’s Better Call Saul, “Talk”. But we’re just saying, sometimes the show’s “stately” pace dips into the realm of the “staid”, and it’s times likes this two fan boys can hope for some Cousins’ fueled mayhem. Still, the episode had its stand out moments; Mike’s intense reaction to Stacey trying to move on from the death of his son; and Kim’s soul searching by way of low stakes courtroom drama. But we’re already looking ahead to the job Gus has for Mike. We discuss all this plus tons of feedback… see you next week!

Bald Move TV – Sharp Objects Ep. 8 – Milk

We thoroughly enjoyed the experience of watching Sharp Objects these past few months. While we could, and do, nitpick a few storytelling elements here and there, we found the finale to be of a piece with the whole. Maybe there weren’t satisfying answers to every single element or question raised by the series, but isn’t that the way life goes? We feel we got enough through Camille’s point of view to understand what motivated Adora and Amma, and liked that the show left some things ambiguous and open to interpretation. But what did everyone else think? We’ll be back next week to discuss the next few episodes of Castle Rock and bat clean up for Sharp Objects. See you then!