Up Yours, Downstairs!

Up Yours, Downstairs! – Bring Back Mamie Bangs

Kelly & Tom are joined by Kelly’s internet love, illustrator & cartoonist Levi Hastings, for their recap of The Crown S1E8. The hosts are really coming around on the show, and they appreciate the character development of the Queen Mum, wish that everyone could impulse buy a castle when they are sad, take the controversial…

Legion – 103 – Chapter 3

Jim, Jason and A.Ron break down another mind altering episode of FX’s Legion. In “Chapter 3”, we delve more into David’s past and childhood, explore the astral plane to check in on his sister, and get more hints and clues as to the nature and powers of the yellow-eyed demon that haunts David’s dreams.

Watching Dead – 710 – New Best Friends

Jim and A.Ron slog through a mess of a Star Trek: The Next Generation inspired episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead, as Rick negotiates a complicated treaty with the Romulan sub-commander of a garbage world. There’s some good stuff too; some emotional punch with Daryl and Carol, some nuanced Morgalizing from Morgan, and a “have to see it to believe it” Mad Max / Lord of the Rings inspired zombie pit fight sequence. Maybe that’s how TWD is going to roll going forward, pilfering from better sci-fi/fantasty tales? If so, I’m really looking forward to Battle of the Blackwater, or ooh, maybe the Red Weddding episodes!

Up Yours, Downstairs!

Up Yours, Downstairs! – HRH Spocktopus

Kelly & Tom welcome back guest Allison Mick for their recap of The Crown S1E7. They patronize 1-800-AMERICA, clash in the eternal pugs v. Corgis matchup, say lots of things like they’re from Boston, wish Winston Churchill was dead (on the show), rate Pringles mustaches, try to make raven-poking seem family friendly, compare Heath Ledger…

Watching Dead – 709 – Rock in the Road

Jim and A.Ron are back to further chronicle the legendary journeys of one Rick Grimes and his merry band of post apocalyptic crazies. This week, we consider “A Rock in the Road”, which we found to be an amazing episode in terms of epic clothes lines, and considerably less so when judging by its titular morality tale. Speaking of morality, there is some rampant Morgalizing in this episode. But we get just the right amount of Negan. All this plus explosions and fan feedback!

Up Yours, Downstairs!

Up Yours, Downstairs! – All The Harpies Were In A Kick Line

Kelly & Tom are back on their own with this recap of The Crown S1E6. They like the episode, but cannot help asking “Why is show?” Scooby-Doo ghostwrites part of UYDS, Princess Margaret has 99 problems, a piece of fluff outweighs Joseph Stalin, the horrifying origins of the Rhodes scholarship is revealed, Wallis Simpson continues…