Bald Movies – Incredibles 2 (2018)

Cecily and A.Ron are back to discuss Incredibles 2, a sequel that’s been a long time in the making. Brad Bird returns to direct the original cast and some fun new cameos. If you liked Incredibles, this is more of it in every way.  More supers, bigger action scenes, more Mr. Incredible angst, super teenage dating, and the best animal control scene in movie history. The script is literally the same script from the first, with the same twist at the mid-way point, but the plot is really secondary to the pleasure of watching the characters metaphorically and literally bounce off each other.

Personal Arrogants

Personal Arrogants – Episode 139: The Original Angry Birds

Episode 139 is here, and it’s a doozey. Lots of great feedback, a national compound fracture, and movie talk await you. This week on the show: • Listener Feedback (10:51) • Summa’ Movie Time! (19:35) • Ancient Vegas (36:35) • Trivia! (47:15) • Disney Infinity (50:42) • Russian Mad Scientist Billionaires (1:06:58) • Facebook Roundup…