Bald Move Pulp - Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) 30th Anniversary

Here’s a very special commissioned podcast for the emo kid in you. Cozy up to your jack-o-lantern and dive into Jim and A.Ron’s thoughts on the holiday movie that has charmed generations. Despite the fraught production, Nightmare Before Christmas has enjoyed success for 30 years and has captured the hearts of your hosts. Get behind the scenes stories on the most iconic Halloween movie…er, Christmas movie of all time!

Flight of the Navigator (1986)

For an 80’s sci-fi family movie, Flight of the Navigator holds up remarkably well. The child actor is great, the cutting-edge computer effects hardly show their age, and the plot is more well-considered than most movies of the era. That’s probably why we were both so taken with it as children and remain nostalgic about it to this day. Thanks to Kira for commissioning our coverage of this very literal Pee-Wee Herman vehicle.