HOTD: A House of the Dragon Podcast - “Gods of Thrones” – “Fire and Blood” – Part 3

We’re back with a super-sized wrap up episode for our coverage of our new book, Gods of Thrones, as well as putting George’s Fire & Blood to bed as we consider the final third of the book, starting with “The Dying of the Dragons: Rhaenyra Triumphant”. Anthony and I get things kicked off with a discussion of Lord Cregan Stark and his “Hour of the Wolf”. Then I welcome our old pal Kim Renfro (follow her on Twitter!) back to discuss women in Westeros, our theories on Game of Thrones and GRRM himself. Finally, I interview illustrator Chase Stone, who did the cover and interior art for Gods of Thrones, about life as a professional artist, his work on Magic: The Gathering and The World of Ice and Fire, as well as his influences and techniques.

HOTD: A House of the Dragon Podcast - “Gods of Thrones” – “Fire and Blood” Initial Thoughts

Anthony and I talk about GRRM’s latest book, Fire and Blood, which is a complete and in-depth historical account of the 300 year old Targaryen dynasty in Westeros. We discuss our initial thoughts, anything that might have changed some of our thoughts in Gods of Thrones, any intriguing jumping off points for theory-crafting, and consider fan feedback. Also, Anthony has some stunning revelations about the possible origins of the rib-bone that God took from Adam to make the first woman in the Genesis creation story. You don’t want to miss this!

HOTD: A House of the Dragon Podcast - “Gods of Thrones” – Introduction

We have a special series of podcasts for you coming out over the next few weeks! Dr. Anthony Le Donne joins me today to talk about the new book we co-authored in the off-season, Gods of Thrones: A Pilgrim’s Guide to the Religions of Ice and Fire, available now on Amazon. The book is filled with fun analysis of the religions, cultures, and characters of Game of Thrones and delves into the real life history and religion that inspired GRRM when creating his world. We discuss our history with Thrones/Song, as well as our book, its tone, our writing process, and our favorite things we learned in our research. We’ll be back next week to talk more Gods of Thrones and take your questions. Later this month we’ll be joined by some of your favorite podcast hosts and writers to host a three part book club-style review of George R.R. Martin’s upcoming historical book on the Targaryens, Fire and Blood!

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