Game of Thrones – “Gods of Thrones” – Introduction

We have a special series of podcasts for you coming out over the next few weeks! Dr. Anthony Le Donne joins me today to talk about the new book we co-authored in the off-season, Gods of Thrones: A Pilgrim’s Guide to the Religions of Ice and Fire, available now on Amazon. The book is filled with fun analysis of the religions, cultures, and characters of Game of Thrones and delves into the real life history and religion that inspired GRRM when creating his world. We discuss our history with Thrones/Song, as well as our book, its tone, our writing process, and our favorite things we learned in our research. We’ll be back next week to talk more Gods of Thrones and take your questions. Later this month we’ll be joined by some of your favorite podcast hosts and writers to host a three part book club-style review of George R.R. Martin’s upcoming historical book on the Targaryens, Fire and Blood!

The Because Show – Ep 98 – AmFo and JeSeBla

AmFo and JeSeBla let it all go this episode with some smack talk, back talk and snapback. Really. There is some looking back on the year that has been and some looking forward to the year that will be. Right? We visit Amy’s Top 10 most favorite books (A Tree Grows In Brooklyn! Lunch Poems!…

The Because Show – Ep 65 – How To Be A Grownup

Boob jobs, personal problems, modern classics – it’s all in the mix on this week’s show. Amy breaks it down for a listener who writes in about a struggle for inner happiness. And Jerilyn reports on nail polish for men: Alpha nail pens in colors of ‘cocaine’, ‘gasoline’ and ‘burning rubber’. Susan is MIA this…

The Because Show – Ep 61 – Splooosh!

G-spot play, Stephen King news AND bug-out bags are just some of the things we talk about in this episode. WARNING: this episode gets frank. Boris of the infamous  ‘Boris and Doris’ podcast enlightens us in the ways of ‘g-spot play’. Whaaaaaa? Is this something that everyone does or just a unique subset? Also, bug…

The Because Show – Ep 59 – Lego Mindstorm

Lego Slizers, Lego Rockraiders, Lego Tech – there is a whole lotta Lego talk happening in this episode. In fact, it’s wrapped up neatly in the segment ‘Everything You Didn’t Know You Wanted to Know About Lego’. You will find out things you never thought you would know. Really! But don’t worry, we run the whole…

The Because Show – Ep 58 – Faux Pas

Recording a weekly podcast allows for many opportunities for MAJOR FAUX PAS! Like, setting yourself up for plenty of personal gaffes. Expressing your opinions can lead to backlash. Particularly if you are my co-host Amy and you are talking about cleaning-ladies. Listen to the early debacle that caused us to pull an entire episode down…

Blue Yonder

Blue Yonder – Prime Intellects – Episode 45

Whoa, whoa! Check out the big brains on Jim and A.Ron! We do the damn thing on technological singularities, the e-novella Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect, discuss the Little Big Planet 2 demo, touch ever so lightly on minecraft, declare total victory over Unwarranted Self Importants, and do some listener feedback. There’s some hot pillow biting action too. Something for everyone! Oh, and Amish Friendship Bread is a real thing. And terrifying.

Blue Yonder

Blue Yonder – Episode 45 Preview

This week’s show, which drops Wednesday, will feature us discussing the concepts of a technological singularity, structured around a review/debate/discussion of the e-novel, Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect, which can be read in it’s entirety online. Please heed the warnings on site and below about the contents of this book. We talk about the subject in the cast proper for about 25 minutes, and will release another 40 minutes or so of the discussion as bonus content, where we really get in depth and philosophical. It’s different from our normal stuff, not as funny, per se, but very geeky and we hope interesting to you guys and gals.