The Because Show – Ep 65 – How To Be A Grownup

Boob jobs, personal problems, modern classics – it’s all in the mix on this week’s show. Amy breaks it down for a listener who writes in about a struggle for inner happiness. And Jerilyn reports on nail polish for men: Alpha nail pens in colors of ‘cocaine’, ‘gasoline’ and ‘burning rubber’. Susan is MIA this week but we keep it together with some scintillating convo and tips for navigating the world. And for the lovely listener who wrote it wanting a pep-talk for getting back into the dating scene, we pep talk. Blendr! Tindr! J-Date! eHarmony! Plenty of Fish! We’re your wingmen, natch. Also, Jerilyn suggests a book: How To Be A Grown Up by Stacy Kaiser. If you read it, let us know if you love it, hate it or are completely indifferent.

Are you part of our Goodreads group where book recommendation and listener interaction is percolating? Find us! Also you can call our voicemail at 818-643-1565. We love giving advice, but don’t get mad at us if it backfires! Thanks guys, see you on the next episode xxoo