HOTD: A House of the Dragon Podcast - “Gods of Thrones” – “Fire and Blood” – Part 3

We’re back with a super-sized wrap up episode for our coverage of our new book, Gods of Thrones, as well as putting George’s Fire & Blood to bed as we consider the final third of the book, starting with “The Dying of the Dragons: Rhaenyra Triumphant”. Anthony and I get things kicked off with a discussion of Lord Cregan Stark and his “Hour of the Wolf”. Then I welcome our old pal Kim Renfro (follow her on Twitter!) back to discuss women in Westeros, our theories on Game of Thrones and GRRM himself. Finally, I interview illustrator Chase Stone, who did the cover and interior art for Gods of Thrones, about life as a professional artist, his work on Magic: The Gathering and The World of Ice and Fire, as well as his influences and techniques.

Blue Yonder

Blue Yonder - Is The Pope Catholic? – Episode 36

Does a Droid suck down batteries?  Do regional agreements blow?  Why is the government have it in for gay marriage?   Is Sony trying to pull off a plot from Superman 3?  What console just celebrated it’s 25th anniversary?  Does Jim have the worst taste in movies?  Is Peter ever going to cast again?  Explore the mysteries of life with your hosts on this week’s episode!