Beltalowda - A podcast for The Expanse - 313 – Abaddon’s Gate

Here to close out the season with the discussion of yet another excellent episode are Jim and…. Levi.  They may not be the hosts the podcast deserves, but they’re the hosts the podcast needs right now.  Seriously though, we have a great conversation and a lot of fun on this guest-hosted season finale.  Thank you to Levi for filling in this week.  Tune in next week for your regularly scheduled season wrapup.

101 – “Pilot”

Episode 1 of Gotham was a bit like being thrown in one of the rivers that flows through the city. It was a little dingy, a little choppy, and a little cold, but ultimately, you ended up…somewhere. Join Eric, Jesse, and Levi as they recap the first hour of Gotham, express their hopes and fears…