Breaking Good – Dave Porter Interview

Very excited to be talking with Dave Porter, the composer for the score of Breaking Bad.  He was gracious enough to talk about his production efforts for the show, including the process he uses to get that fantastically evocative sound we all love so much, the various crazy instruments and synthesizers he uses, his thoughts on his favorite sequences and themes for the show, as well as a few of his upcoming projects, like a Breaking Bad score album, and the score for an upcoming horror film, Smiley!

For more information and to find out all the latest on Dave’s work, check out the following:

Also, I’m including the links in case you’re interested in Dave’s previous AMC interview or the Breaking Bad Insider podcast I reference throughout the episode.
Note:  Jim could not be with me tonight because he had to move houses this weekend and couldn’t drive out to the Bald Cave in time.  Fear not, he’ll be back in action for this week’s podcast for episode 507 Tuesday!

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