Blue Yonder – Five Inch Boom – Episode 74

GENCON, the “best four days in gaming”, is coming to our humble home town of Indianapolis next week.  We invited Michael “Madbrew” Brewer back on to give some tips for what to look for in this years convention, how to navigate the expo hall, potential new releases, and what you can safely avoid.  If you missed last year’s GenCon preview with Michael, you might want to give it a listen, as he discussed a lot more general GENCON survival tips, and his love for RPGs.

We’ll be out there for all four days, so if you’re going to be around, shout us out on Twitter or email, and say “hi” or come game with us!  You can get in touch with Michael over at his blog Mad Brew Labs, or his new Pathfinder character generator, Venture Captain.  He’ll also be cosplaying as Chun Li at GENCON this year, so hit him up on Twitter if you want a pose with him.  (NOTE: Not actually true.)