302 – Witness

In the latest episode of AMC’s Better Call Saul, the tables are turned as Jimmy becomes Mike’s private investigator as he continues to try to unravel the mysterious “DON’T” message writer. Tables are later flipped as Chuck employs his own private investigators in an elaborate scheme to unravel Jimmy. Basically, this episode is all unraveling and private eyes.

302 – “Predators Near and Far”

A.Ron and Cecily discuss everything that went bump in the night on Showtime’s “Penny Dreadful”, episode “Predators Near and Far”. Can Dracula control wolves, is Dr. Sweet too nice to be the Prince of Darkness, what is the nature of Ethan’s curse and relationship to Kaetena, and why doesn’t Lilly just go ahead and rip Frankenstein’s head off, anyway? These questions and more our pondered by us and our fellow fans in the podcast ahead. See you next week.

302 – “Bed Bugs and Beyond”

A.Ron and Nina from Project Fandom tag team episode 302 of Netflix’s Orange is the New Back, “Bed Bugs and Beyond”. In this episode, we’re both pretty much over Alex and Piper before it even starts up again, we’re charmed by Caputo and revolted by Healy, and we have some real talk about Lysol based feminine hygiene, and try to decide if having Cesar as a dad beats having no dad at all.

302 – “Baggage”

Jim and A.Ron talk about the latest episode of “The Americans”, episode 302, “Baggage”.  We talk about disturbing luggage packing,the latest Paige and Milky Way theories, our mutual liking of Stan this episode, and The American’s homage to ESPN’s PTI.  All this, plus a light dusting of feedback! If you want to give us a…