Up Yours, Downstairs! – Meth? Or Method Acting?

Kelly & Tom continue their very exciting Empire Exhibition with an assist from comedian Kevin O'Shea. They dive deep into the Lake of Shining Waters with Anne of Green Gables, only coming up for the occasional swig of raspberry cordial and a reminiscence about childhood community theater. The film passes the Bechdick test with flying colors and also features Prissy Andrews as the Canadian Terminator, a hairdo puffier than Anne's sleeves, lots of ginger hate, Matthew's brown sugar obsession, a surprising detour to the Charlottesville Conference of 1864, and a cameo from Futurama's "Mom." Kelly wants to hear Josie Pye's side of things, Tom has totally forgotten about Downton Abbey, and Kevin suggests that the gables themselves might be of use to the Kaiser.

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